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Submitted by Debbie Skolnik

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Category: Translation - Yiddish
Approval Date: 1/31/2021 3:18 PM
Family Surname: Lande
Town: Bialystok
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2/3/2021 - If you have looked at this postcard but decided not to translate it, it would be of great help to me to know why. To my non-Yiddish-reading eyes, it looks as if it is scrambled together. Perhaps it doesn't make sense?

Postcard to my great-aunt, Lena Landy. Am particularly interested in who sent it, but would like entire message translated, if possible

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2/6/2021 11:42 AM Today it is already 18 years since I lost my dearest and most faithful sister Raiskelah.(Raiza?)

The writing is difficult to read. I think it says 1911 at the top. The top bottom and sides are cut off. Try rescanning with a white page behind.
The top left corner is a last sentence squeezed in upside down. If you rescan I will try to read more.
2/6/2021 11:28 PM The handwriting is quite sloppy and therefore difficult to decipher, this is probably the reason translation was avoided.

I'll try to translate a bit more than the previous volunteer, but I'm also unable to give a complete translation, since the end is cut off (and maybe more sloppy than the rest).

Today it is already eighteen 18 years since I lost my most beloved and dearest sister Raiskelah whom I love more than my whole life and my dear sister Leisha (or Leina?) does not yet know about our misfortune and if I would be able to look once on my dearest sister how good it would have been I would give half of my life my dearest sister should live I cannot say with words what I live through and how sad it is to live without my dearest in the world...

There is 2 more words at the bottom, and then continues on the top left corner upside down which is cut off.

Apparently the name I read as Leisha or Leina, could be your Lena which might be your great-aunt Lena. If so, this was written by her sister.
2/7/2021 9:19 AM I think it says 18 weeks. I misread it as "yoren" but I think it's "vokhen" the "r and the "kh" consonant are similar and the first letter is probably a "v" sound.
2/7/2021 9:51 AM upside down at the top left, is a sentence ending "Taibel" as the signature.

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