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Submitted by Simon Srebrny

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Category: Translation - Tombstone
Approval Date: 6/7/2015 7:22 PM
Country: Poland
Town: Piotrkow Trybunalski
Date of Image: 2014
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I would be extremely grateful for a transcription or, even better, translation (into English) of this tombstone.
I think it is of my 4G-grandpa, Elazar Lipszyc, g-grandson of 'Damesek Eliezer' and grandson of Samuel HaCohen Lasker, but I am not sure.
I could send a higher-resolution image to anybody who would care to undertake this task.

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On  Response 
6/8/2015 1:54 PM Hi,
Please send a higher resolution photo. The name at the top curve is not completely clear. This is actually the tombstone of a woman, and the three-branch candelabrum is consistent with a female tombstone.

At the top, part of her name says Hinda? Rachel daughter of the great Rabbi Meshulam Halevi Horowitz.

Her mother was the daughter of the great rabbi Eliezer Lifshitz...

There is more of course, but I will wait for a better photo.

6/10/2015 2:01 PM The beginning is hidden by the stone on the right, then:
האשה הצנועה והחסודה (the modest, humble woman)
then not clear, and possibly Reizel, בה (tempting and makes sense to say its בת - daughter of, but I don't see it)
הרב החריף ..? משלם הלוי זל הורוויץ (the sharp/smart rabbi Meshulam Halevi z"l Horovitz)
(?)בעל רבעי(?) זצללה
possibly means that had great-grandchildren. of blessed memory
ואמה היתה בת הרב הצדיק החריף ר' אלעזר ליפשיץ זל(?)
and her mother was daughter of the sharp and righteous rabbi Elazar Lifshitz
מגזע גדולי ישראל עד רב שר שלום גאון ז"ל זיעובי נפטרה בשיבה טובה ביום ג ב לחודש מנחם אב ונקברה ביום ה שנה תרע"ב
האשה החשובה והיקרה צנועה ופשוטה(?)
יראה ה' התהלל פנימה כל ???ה
נכד שרי התורה אדאלי??ר?
the rest is not so clear, but the first letters of the lines make up (acrostic) the name, probably Hinda, and possibly a second name, though only the first 3 letters are clear הינ.
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