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Submitted by Jessica Zering

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Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 5/20/2015 4:22 PM
Family Surname: Labiner, Ziering, Feier, Lustig
Country: Austria
Town: Vienna
Date of Image: 1934
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This is an Austrian marriage record for Oskar Labiner and Memli Ziering. It looks like it's written in German. I would like a complete translation of what is in each of the columns if that is possible, but I am most interested in any information on here about the bride as well as the witness list + the note in the very last column. Thanks!

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On  Response 
3/17/2016 11:53 AM Tag, Monat und Jahr der Eheschließung
Day, Month and Year of Marriage

October 7th, 1934

Ort, Gasse und Straße und Nummer des Hauses, wo the Trauung vollzogen wurde

Place, alley and street and number of the house, where the ceremonz took place

5th district
Pazmanitengasse 6

(note from myself: the Pazmanitentempel was destroyed during the war)

Datum und Ort des Eheaufgebotes und genaue Anführung der beigebrachten Dokumente

Day and place of getting the marriage license and exact listing of the documents that were brought

this is just a list of where to find what and the dates


Vor- und Familienname, Beschäftigung (Beruf), Geburtsort, Zuständigkeitsgemeinde, politischer Bezirk, Komitat und Land, Vor- und Familienname seiner Eltern

First and last name, profession, place of birth, community in charge for him, political district, comunity and country, first and last name of his parents

Oskar Labiner


Geb. - short for born
Whg. - short for apartment

he was born and lived in Vienna

V. - short for father

Isak Labiner

M. - short for mother

Ottilie born Kohn

Altersjahre und Tag, Monat und Jahr der Geburt

January 12th, 1909

Stand - ledig, Witwer oder geschieden (seit wann)
Dauer der früheren Ehe

Marital status - single, widowed or divorced (since when)
Length of previous marriage


Wohnort, Gasse, Straße und Nummer des Hauses

I am sorry, but I can not read the street he lived in. I can merely tell you that i was a "Gasse" (alley)

As the titles are the same ( except for the last two columns) here the pointers:

Memli Ziering
seamstress helper

It seems she was born in the greater Bechev (?) area of Poland? I can not make out the exact place, I'm afraid. To me it looks like Synowodzker Skolv

Father: Leiser Ziering
Mother: Marjam born Feier

She was born on October 13th, 1911
lived in the Rembrandtstr. 30 in the 2nd district

Eigenhändige Unterschriften des Brautpaares, der Zeugen und des Rabbiners der die Trauung vollzogen hat
Own handwriting of the bride and groom, the witnesses and of the Rabbi who performed the ceremony

Oskar Labiner
Memli Ziering


Isidor Labiner
lived in the same street as the groom, which I unfortunately can not read

David Lustig
It looks like Pramergasse 6 to me.

I'm sorry, but I can not read the Rabbis signature.

Anmerkungen / Comments

It's too small to read but I can make out something that was handed to a court?
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