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Submitted by Sharon Fischer

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Category: Translation - Other
Approval Date: 4/29/2015 5:01 PM
Family Surname: Lanzenberg
Country: France
Town: Dambach la ville
Date of Image: 1940
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Another page from the same journal (see initial submission)
Can you read/translate this? If so and if you would be interested in helping to translate the 157 page journal kept by a French woman (my great-great aunt who was in some sort of "forced residence"/house arrest/pow status in Nice and Buis les Baronnies--- please contact me. (i have a small budget and the possibility of a small grant) Note I managed to translate this page but as a non-native speaker find the handwriting very difficult/impossible to decipher. Thank you.

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On  Response 
5/1/2015 7:28 AM 9

Vous savez sans doute qu’il nous est défendu de parler à des juifs.
Je continuais donc de répondre à son salut, mais je ne lui parlais jamais.
En commençant à raconter que les juifs étaient obligés de quitter M. Ley [?] le secrétaire de la Chambre des Métiers vint me prévenir, je ne pouvais y croire.
Je dis à Léonie de demander le Hauptmann [1]. Il me fit dire d’aller voir le chef de la Kommandantur qui se trouvait cantonné dans la villa du directeur Lippowski [?].
J’y allais et l’officier me dit qu’il ne savait rien et que cela lui semblait impossible.
Revenant [?] consolée je rencontre Maître Geny le notaire qui me dit ne vous y fiez pas, Madame, car l’armée ne se mêle pas de ces questions c’est la Gestapo et déjà à Sélestadt [2] il y a des expulsions.
Je rencontrais le Hauptmann dans mon jardin et je le priais de m’accorder quelques minutes. Je lui expliquais ma situation et lui demandais un conseil. Il me dit qu’il ne savait rien de tout cela mais qu’il me conseillait de ne pas me laisser prendre au dépourvu et d’emballer. Je vous dis cela comme je l’ai dit à mes parents qui habitent Fribourg-en-Brisgau. Puis il me dit qu’il était obligé à une grande prudence comme fonctionnaire parce qu’il était suspect aux Nazis.

[lignes en allemand]

Il ne se passe pas 15 jours qu’étant expulsée

[1] Hauptmann – Selon Google, terme allemand signifiant capitaine en français
[2} Actuellement orthographié Sélestat en français


You probably know that we are forbidden to speak to jews.
So I kept responding to his hello, but I never spoke to him.
Beginning to tell that Jews were forced to leave, Mr. Ley [?] the secretary of the Chamber of Trades came and warned me, I could not believe it.
I told Léonie to ask the Hauptmann [1]. He answered for me, go and see the Chief Kommandantur who happened to be stationed in the villa of director Lippowski [?].
I went there and the officer told me he knew nothing about and that this seemed impossible.
Returning [?] comforted I met Master Geny the notary who told me do not trust that, Madame, because the army does not interfere with these matters depending on the Gestapo and that there are already evictions in Sélestadt [2].
I met the Hauptmann in my garden and I begged him to allow me a few minutes. I explained him my situation and asked his advice. He said he knew nothing about, but he advised me not to stay unprepared and pack. I tell you this, the same way as I told my parents who live in Freiburg im Breisgau. Then he told me that he was obliged to be very careful as a public servant because he was suspect to Nazis.

[Lines in German]

Less than 15 days passed since being expelled

[1] Hauptmann - According to Google,a German term meaning captain in English
[2] Currently spelled Sélestat in French

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