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Submitted by Ellie Roden

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Category: Translation - Tombstone
Approval Date: 4/5/2015 4:08 PM
Family Surname: Strauss
Country: South Africa
Town: Durban
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I would like to have the Hebrew translated into English. This grave is in Stellawood Cemetery, Durban, South Africa. Plot N3. I think this is the grave of my cousin, Ludwig Strauss but need more information. Ludwig was born in Grebenau Germany in 1906. He was the son of Gabriel and Jettchen Strauss. He left Germany in the early 1930s for Rhodesia or South Africa.

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On  Response 
4/5/2015 5:07 PM Here Lies
Mr. Yehuda, son of Mr. Gavriel
Died on the 22nd of Tevet, 5730
Mourned by his wife and
his whole family.
May his soul be bound up for life eternal (5-letter acronym)
4/6/2015 12:14 AM Hello Ellie,

The names of the deceased and his father, Yehuda and Gavriel, are their Hebrew given names. No surnames are mentioned in Hebrew.

This information is for clarification....Jo
4/6/2015 9:36 AM note that the "connection" between the secular name of ludwig and the hebrew name yehudah, is slightly convoluted: the tribal symbol of the tribe of yehudah is the lion, and so variations on the lion theme, arye, leib, leon, leo, etc., are associated with the name. i would guess that the choice of ludwig, although not strictly speaking a lion, would likely be because of the phonetic similarity.

therefore, his father's secular name may or may not be derived from his hebrew name of gabriel, in any obvious fashion.
4/6/2015 10:26 AM Abbreviation for "Here lies" (in the star)
Mr. Yehuda son of Mr. Gavriel
Died (on the) 22(nd day of the Hebrew month of) Teves (in the Hebrew year) 5730
Mourned by his wife
And all his family
Abbreviation for "May his soul be bound in the bonds of life"

I believe the last line on the bottom stands for "May his departed soul rest in peace."

The literal translation for his father's name matches Gabriel and the age also matches based on the year of death. Maybe the cemetery has more information about next of kin?

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