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Submitted by Amit Naor

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Category: Translation - Hungarian
Approval Date: 2/18/2015 3:42 PM
Family Surname:
Country: Hungary
Date of Image: 1907
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Hello again. Please help me with translation of yet another old family postcard, as thorough as possible if you will. This one is quite short and whatever can be retreieved is great. Especially the relation to the writer, places names, people and more.

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On  Response 
2/18/2015 10:28 PM Hello Amit,

This card is addressed to "Kedves Sogor", which translates to "Dear Brother-In-Law". What follows that is smudged out, and I am unable to decipher whether it is the person's name or just another word which begins the next sentence.

The date is May 29, 1907. It is addressed to Honorable
J. Burnal Spitzer in Zombor.....Jo
2/20/2015 1:04 AM Dear brother-in-law. On the opposite side, I send you your wife; you don't need to be afraid of her queenly pose. She is a very sweet and nice women.
Regards from my heart your brother-in-law, Zsiga
2/20/2015 1:09 AM It's easy to read :)

Dear Brother-in-Law,
I'm sending your wife['s photo?] on the back side, don't be afraid, because she is standind as a queen. She is very lovely and good woman.
Hearty greetings
your lovely brother-in-law
2/20/2015 1:15 AM (Oh, somebody was faster :)

That is not Burnal! B. úrnak = to B. sir
2/20/2015 7:48 AM Kedves Sógor! A
túloldaldon küldöm fe-
leségedet; nem kell töle
félni azért, hogy oly ki-
rálynöi poseban áll.
Egészen kedves és jó asz-
Szivböl üdvözöl
szeretö sogorod
1907 V/29.

Spitzer J.B. úrnak


Dear Brother-in-law! On the other side I'm sending your wife; don't be alarmed by her queenly pose, she's really a nice and good woman.
Heartfelt greetings from your loving brother-in-law Siggy.
May 29, 1907.

To honorable Mr. J.B. Spitzer, Zombor.
2/21/2015 5:52 AM The town name is Zombor on the postmark on the left side (where it arrived) and it was on Szabadka (Subotica) too, because I can see BADKA text on the other postmark BUT with date: 30 May so it was the place of central post office maybe! And there is the third postmark (on the stamp) with date 29 May where I can see only a letter B so I don't know where it arrived from.
2/24/2015 12:46 PM Hello Amit,

Glad that one of the people who responded picked up on the correction. Yes, it was addressed to
The Honorable Mr. J. B. Spitzer in Zombor....Jo

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