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Submitted by Janet Marcus

Information Picture Question
Category: Translation - Tombstone
Approval Date: 1/28/2015 4:44 PM
Family Surname: Ungar
Country: USA
Town: New York City
Date of Image: 1917
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May I prevail on a Genner who is able to read and translate Hebrew to translate this headstone?

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On  Response 
1/28/2015 11:35 PM Hello Janet,

Here is a partial translation, beginning with the name (last 5 lines).

"Our teacher Reb Abraham Yaakov Ben/(son of) Reb Mordechai Yehudah HaLevi, of blessed memory, who died on the 11th day of the Hebrew month of Tishri (**).....May his soul be bound up in the bonds of eternal life."

The word "Reb" is a title of honor and respect. "Ben" means "the son of". Following the father's double given name is the word "HaLevi". This refers to the ancient tribal designation of Levite, which is passed down from father to son, providing that the child's mother is Jewish.

(**) This Hebrew word may refer to the date of the 11th day of Tishri. Yom Kippur occurs on the 10th day of Tishri. It seems that Jacob Ungar died within 24 hours after the end of Yom Kippur. Perhaps that wording was included, as there may be some other significance in relation to Yom Kippur that I cannot provide....Jo

1/29/2015 3:50 AM Two comments to the above:
1. The Hebrew year was 5678.
2. There is Jewish religious significance of death right after Yom Kippur. Assuming all our sins are erased on Yom Kippur, those who die right after are perfect “Tzadikim”, as they had little chance of sin in this short time…..
1/29/2015 6:19 AM The first letters of lines 2 through 10 are an acrostic and spell out "Avraham Yaakov".
1/29/2015 6:40 AM (The top of the stone is a poem that in acrostic form spells out the person's name - as follows: Here lies (or is buried)
Our father, the crown of our heads
The apple of our eye
Head of our glory
The splendor of our family
the delight of our heart
His hands supported the impoverished
Involved in the needs of the community with the trustworthy
He set fixed times to learn the Torah
His house was open wide
Our teacher ...

Shmuel Moskowitz


Our father adorning our head(i.e.who adorned us as head of the family)
At the same time our eyes
Head of our splendour
Glory of our family
Delight of our hearts
His hands supported the weak
Faithfully concerned himself with the good of the public
Fixed times for Torah study
His home was open to all
Our teacher.....
Who died on....
1/29/2015 1:44 PM The word after the date, which Jo refers to (**) translates as "Exit of Yom Kippur" -- vs. Eve of Yom Kippur. That would be a new day in the Hebraic calendar but still the same day in the Civil one. (Last word of 3rd row from the bottom).

The civil date is Wednesday September 30th, 1914.

The last word of the 2nd row from bottom means "small date". The year is therefore written without the "thousands" i.e. without the 5000 year count since creation.


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