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ViewMate Posting VM 36775

Submitted by Ronald Killian

Information Picture Question
Category: Translation - Yiddish
Approval Date: 11/26/2014 3:39 PM
Family Surname: Lewin
Country: Poland
Town: Jalowka
Date of Image: 22 December 1936
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For background information on this request for translation of the 1936 letter, see my description for the three 1935 Lewin letter images.

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On  Response 
11/29/2014 4:08 PM PAGE 1

Jalowka, December 22, 1936.
Dear Sophie, may you live,
I have received your letter. I thank you a thousand times for not forgetting to write to me, and it is very agreeable to me to hear good news from you. How are you, dear Sophie, how do you spend your time? I believe that you have already acquired many new friends in your new city, because you are a very good and love-worthy child. May only God give you a good destiny [mazzel] because that is more valuable than anything else. May you get such a partner that will be able to appreciate you, and I hope to hear already good news from you. I believe that for Christmas you'll already be in Syracuse, so give my greetings to your Pa and little Sam, may they be in good health. You know, Sophie, I don't forget you even for a second because the oilcloth tablecloth that you gave me as a present is always spread on my table, so I always remember you.

I beg you, dear Sophie, even though it doesn't come easily to you, to write to me in Yiddish. You can also write to me in English so you will write more. I am very curious to know everything about you. I have nothing new to tell about us; I always think about you all, and about that time when we were together and had such a nice time together. I am very happy to learn that Etyl Gingold has already recovered and is getting married. As long as one is alive one should never lose hope. May God give her a good destiny [mazzel]. Be well, my dear niece, I wish you that the New Year should bring you much good. If possible, send me a picture of you. Greetings from Hershel and the children and especially from Dvoire. Greetings to all who live in your house. From me, your devoted aunt that hopes to hear good news from you, Freidel. Write me an answer.

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