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Submitted by Pamela Weisberger

Information Picture Question
Category: Photo Identification
Approval Date: 8/31/2014 4:14 PM
Family Surname: Herman, Kretz, Zimmer, Eisner, Granach
Country: Ukraine
Town: Kolomea, Horodenka
Date of Image: circa 1934
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Pictured is the actor, Alexander Granach, who was born Jessaja Szajko Gronoch in Werbowitz (Wierzbowce/ Werbiwci) eastern Galicia, near Horodenka in 1890. Becoming enamored of acting on a trip to Lwow, at 16 he ran away from home to Berlin and started in Yiddish amateur theater, where he acquired his new stage name. He fled to the Soviet Union when Hitler came to power and when that country proved inhospitable, he settled in Hollywood, where he appeared in such films as the Ernst Lubitch classic, "Ninotchka," starring and "For Whom the Bell Tolls." He is pictured here with his actor's troupe, possibly in Kolomea in 1934. Some of their names are written on the photograph in English and Hebrew and we'd like to identify who they were, what their fates were, and to locate their descendants, on behalf of the producers of the film: "Granach: From Shtetl to Stage," which was shown at the 2014 IAJGS Conference.

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On  Response 
9/1/2014 7:50 AM Gisela Herman
Luba Powell?
Shlomo Shmois(?)
Jakob Eisner
Toiva Stampler
Fainwel Fernlin(?) Zimmer
Rosa Kretz
Aron Fecher
9/1/2014 9:20 AM Hi Pamela,
Taking a stab at this:

I think the second one on the left might be
Levinger (Loewinger?) Feivel
below that Shlomo Shemlus

On the right, the second one down, I would think the first name would we Seinwel rather than Feinwel.

9/2/2014 2:46 AM Together with what was said:

Gisela Herman
Luba Powell/ Levinger (Loewinger?) Feivel
Shlomo Shmois/ Shlomo Shemlus
Jakob Eisner
HEINR(ICH ANT)on Zimmer [?]
Rosa Kretz
2 persons did not sign

right side [regarding the photographer?]: Eibel __ Kolomyja

I am not sure about Mr. Zimmer, but the suggestions do not fit. This handwriting uses old german script were some letters look different. Perhaps you ask at the german section.
9/2/2014 9:12 AM My guess is:

Gisela Herman, Tonka
Lyuber Toybe
Shlomo Shmoys
Jakob Eisner

Toybe Shtampler
Heinrich (Jainwel?) Gerschon Zimmer (this is not old German, but latin script except maybe the H at the beginning)
Rosa Kretz
Aron Fecher

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