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Submitted by Alan Seid

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Category: Translation - Polish
Approval Date: 8/24/2014 4:38 PM
Family Surname: Hass, Weihard
Town: Stanislawow
Date of Image: 22 Nov 1929
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This is a birth record for Chaje Weihard born 22 Nov 1929 in Stanislawow. Please help with providing a word for word translation from Polish to English. Please also provide the Polish text. Is that a street name in the "Nr. Domu" column?

Thank you

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On  Response 
8/26/2014 4:45 AM Roster(book) of israelite births of the district
2. Urodzenia= births
Nr.domu=street number, number of the house
22 november 1929
Sanatorium(like a clinic) of Dr.Rozakow
3.Circumcusion or naming
Nr.domu=number of the house
25 november 1929 in Stanislawow
4.Information about the child
plec= sexe, meska=male, zenska=female
5.urzodenie slubne, rzekomo slubne, nieslubne= legitimate, recognised as legitimate or illegitimate
Chaja, female, legitimate
6.Imie i nazwisco ojca jakotez jego stan, zatrudnienie i miejsce zamieszkania=first and family name of the father, his status, occupation and residence
Aron Weihard merchant
7. First and family name of the mother, her status and residence,and the first and family name, occupation and residence of her parents
Dvora born Hass, her parents Leib and Scheindle Hass
Wlasnoreczy podpis z wymienieniem Zatrudnienia i miejsca zamieszkania=Signature place of work and residence
Kumow lub swiadkow Sandeka Szames=friends or witnesses, sandak or shames
obrzezujacego= circumciser
Lieizer Stochamer (8)
11.Dziecie niezywo urodzone=stillborn
12. Uwaga=remarks
The parents married in Stanisislawow 25 July 1926 Volume 9 page or number 53 of the records

Best regards Barbara

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