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ViewMate Posting VM 35090

Submitted by Samuel Harold Glaser

Information Picture Question
Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 8/6/2014 4:19 PM
Family Surname: Goldbach
Country: Czech Republic
Town: Miletice
Date of Image: 14 Dec 1828
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Please translate to English this image of the birth record of Anna Goldbach whose father was Bernard Goldbach son of Samuel Goldbach from Glosau and Barbara Klien from Putzeried and whose mother was Sara daughter of Joachim Hahn from Miletice and Anna daughter of Salomon Kandl from Janovice.

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On  Response 
8/8/2014 4:43 PM 1828 Miletice born 14th December (left column)
in the middle:
We confirm, that Bernhard Goldbach in our presence declared himself as father and that he wanted to be registered as father (signatures)

column on the right:
Bernhard Goldbach, Schutzjud des Guts (jew under protection) of the manor Miletitz, Sohn des Samuel Goldbach, Familiant (Son of S. G.), in Glogau und der Anna geb.Salomon Kandl aus Putzeried (and of Anna.... from Putzeried)

Anna, Tochter des Joachim Hahn, ???Händler (dealer) in Militice und Mutter Anna, geborene (and mother Ann, born) Salomon Kandel ??? wächter (guide) in Janowitz ????
8/9/2014 2:00 PM There was a mixup in the previous post.
The paternal grandmother was Barbara geb. Klein (not Klien) from Putz[en]ried (Today: Pocinovice, Czech, near the border to Germany).
The mother of the child was Sara (not Anna). Sara was the daughter of
Joachim Hahn, Federhändler (feather merchant) in Miletitz and of Anna, who in turn was the daughter of Salomon Kandl, Flusspächter (literally tenant of a river, somebody with a fishing license) in Jannowitz.
Wow! The first time I see a great-grandfather mentioned in a birth record.
A "Familiant" is somebody with a resident permit in Bohemia, similar to a Schutzjude.
Note that the father was entered at a later date, as indicated by the different handwriting.
Gloagau = Dlažov. See:

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