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Submitted by Ronnie Hess

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Category: Translation - Hungarian
Approval Date: 7/30/2014 4:45 PM
Family Surname: Rosner
Country: Ukraine
Town: Beregkovesd
Date of Image: 1893 or 1894
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Two questions I would appreciate help answering, regarding this document from archives -- what is Beni/Benjamin Rosner's profession, listed I think under his name. Is the word under Miriam Kessler/Keszler possibly her hometown, as Komlos was for Beni/Benjamin? Many thanks. R

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7/31/2014 8:29 AM 1) his occupation looks like "asztalos", i.e. cabinet-maker.

2) it looks like "Makaria", and according to the gazetteer of 1913, there was a makarja in bereg megye, which is in the same area as komlos.
7/31/2014 8:36 AM Thank you very much.
7/31/2014 9:54 PM Ronnie,
I don't have the answers you are seeking but I just wanted to mention that my mgf's family was from Komloska, Hungary which is probably your Komlos. They also lived in Olaszliszka which was also called Liszka and was nearby.
Good luck with your research.
Mimi Simon

7/31/2014 11:10 PM To Mimi: no, Komlóska (Zemplén county) and Komlós are different places. (The 1877 gazetteer lists places named Komlós in four counties, along with two places named something-Komlós and three named Komlós-something, plus Komlósa, Komlósd, and Komlóska. Komló is "hops", like in beer.) This Komlós is the one in Bereg county, since it, Iloncza (on the first line of the image), Bród (second line), and Makarja/Makaria were all affiliated with the Jewish congregation in Bilke. The other recurring placename on the page, A[lsó] Karaszló, was in nearby Ugocsa county.

I concur that Béni's occupation is asztalos "cabinet-maker, joiner" (literally "with table": someone who makes tables and chairs and other furniture).
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