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Submitted by Joseph Kwadrat

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Category: Translation - Polish
Approval Date: 11/26/2014 3:36 PM
Family Surname: Quadrat
Country: Poland
Town: Bochnia
Date of Image: 1898
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Can someone be so kind and translate me the the whole document.

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On  Response 
11/27/2014 7:08 PM Column 1. 3
Col.2: Chaim Josef Quadrat from Wisnicz, living in Bochnia, merchant. Son of Jakub Quadrat, former merchant and his now-deceased wife Chana, married Quadrats from Bochnia.
Col.3: 43
Col.4: 2
Col.5: Bachelor
Col.7: Reisel Hofsladter, born in Tarnow, living in Bochnia. Daughter of the married, now-deceased Lemem Hofsladter, former merchant and his wife Diena, nee Keller living in Tarnow.
Col.8: 43
Col.9: 5
Col.10: bachelorette

Record below:

Col.1-4: 24 February 1898 Bochnia.
col.5: Meichel Wolf [?] [?] Bochnia
Col.6: Schachma Stiel, merchant from Bochnia
David [?] realty owner in Bochnia
1) According to banns certificate issued in Bochnia 20 February 1898, pg. 85 no. 6. Meichel Wolf, a duputy rabbi in Bochnia.
2) Groom's birt certificate issued in Wisnicz on 10 March 1893, no.78 vol. II. book: 132 no. 668 [?]
3) Bride's birth certificate issued in Tarnow 7 February 1898 No.77, Vol. II pg. 118, no. 186[?]
4) The marriage was recorded by a rabbinate's deputy on 25 February 1898. Meilech Wolf, a deputy rabbi in Bochnia.
5/17/2016 7:41 AM Hello,
my name is Maria Zielińska and I am from Cracow. I am studying Jewish Studies on Jagiellonian University and right now I am writting my disertation on Jews living in Bochnia during the years 1860 - 1914. Is it possible to ask from which Archive did you obtain information about rabbi Wolf Meilech? I am currently doing research about his service as chief rabbi of Bochnia
11/1/2016 1:39 AM Maria Zielińska: I read your message about your research of Bochnia Jews. How can I contact you?
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