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Submitted by Miranda L Flint

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Category: Translation - Other
Approval Date: 6/29/2014 4:48 PM
Family Surname: Marmorstein
Country: Hungary
Town: Zavodje
Date of Image: 01 Jan 1901
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This is the marriage record of Samuel Marmorstein and Leni Weiss. I can read the printed Hungarian, but there is a script beneath some of the sections that I cannot recognize or read. The first instance is under Samuel Marmorstein's name. There is also a word next to Hani Heller's name that I do not recognize. Another phrase in the script is written underneath the name of Maria Steiner. Thank you very much for your help!

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6/29/2014 7:18 PM Hello Miranda,

The categories would help, but here is some partial info for you...

Marmorstein Samuel
"Nepemekes" is probably the occupation
Margit Sziget is the town
Hebrew Name: Shmuel Maier Ben Yitzchak Eliezer.

Izsak, sometimes known as Heller Hani

Weiss Leni. Zavodje is probably the town.

Mor - Steiner Maria. Hebrew name is ??? daughter of Moshe HaKohane.

This should give you a start....Jo

Zsolna #3 is probably the address.

January 1, 1901.
7/1/2014 11:47 PM Hello Miranda,

Some additional information for you from the third column from the right....Jo

I - Furst Vilmos and wife (neje = wife)

II - Kronenthal Bernat & Weiss Maria

7/2/2014 12:03 PM You asked about the (probably Hebrew) writing below some of the names, so I assumed you already had the Hungarian text, but in case I'm wrong...

[I'm guessing at the headers based on other Jewish marriage records I've seen.]

Groom: Samuel Marmorstein, occupation népénekes: literally "folk/people singer" -- I believe it's a variety of cantor; birthplace M.Sziget
Parents: Izsák [Isaac] -"-, the late Hani Heller
Residence Závodje
Birthdate Oct. 26, 1876
Bride: Léni Weiss, Závodje
Parents: Mór [Maurice] -"-, Maria Steiner
Residence Závodje
Birthdate May 28, 1882
Banns/announcement: Zsolna, 3 (times)
Marriage date: Jan. 1, 1901
Place: in Závodje in the Garnis Inn
Witnesses: I. Vilmos [William] Fürst and wife, II. Bernát [Bernard] Kronenthal and Maria Weiss

The groom's mother's name, Hani, is often short for Johanna, Hungarianized as Janka, so she could turn up in other records under any of these names.

The bride's name, Léni, can be short for any name with "-l*n-" in it (Heléna = Ilona [Helen]; Magdalen = Magdolna = Magda [Madeline]; etc.), or a diminutive for a nickname of one of these used as a stand-alone name, such as Lenke or Léna.
7/2/2014 12:51 PM The groom's birthplace "M.Sziget" is most likely Máramarossziget, now Sighetu Marmaţiei, Romania. It's highly unlikely to be Margitsziget, because that would be written as Budapest.

The 1913 gazetteer lists two other places named M-sziget: Murasziget and Marossziget, but both of these were renamed after the 1898 law regularizing placenames, so they're unlikely to be listed as a birthplace for a guy born in 1876. They're also even further removed geographically: Murasziget was Izsakócz, Zala county, now Ižakovci, Slovenia, and Marossziget was Osztrov, Krassó-Szörény county, now Ostrov, Romania.

Oh, and for completeness: Závodje was renamed Szentistvánpatak; it was in Trencsén county, and is now Závodie, absorbed into Žilina (Zsolna in Hungarian), Slovakia.
7/4/2014 1:04 AM Hi Miranda,

I'd like to compliment and commend the person who responded to you anonymously for the very fine and detailed information he/she provided. How fortunate to have a volunteer of this caliber.....Jo
7/4/2014 1:21 AM I agree! Thank you both for your time and the wonderful information you have provided.
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