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Submitted by Harry M Stuart

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Category: Translation - Polish
Approval Date: 6/29/2014 4:48 PM
Family Surname: Perlmutter
Country: Poland
Town: Krakow
Date of Image: 1941
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This is the final page of a 3 page letter which appears to be one of the last written before the writer was taken from the Krakow ghetto to a concentration camp. Its contents will be used in book which is underway about the family. Thank you in advance for the effort of trying to read the script.

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On  Response 
7/1/2014 5:30 AM This is not the final page of the letter that I have translated for you. It seems to me to be the other side of the postcard that you have submitted in the very beginning. I saw straight away that the first image you submitted was the second part of a postcard. At the time the card was written you could buy prestamped postcards that had no view or picture on the other side and you could write quite a lot on that side and just add a little more on the side with the adress.It was the cheapest way and the easiest to send news to your family.

My dearest little daddy( a typical form of endearment)
I have received your card that has brought me indescriptable joy.It was sufficient to look at the card to imagine how life is wonderful over there.I really want to know if you have mastered the language and what is most important what about your stay there? I hope everything is well and have you some hope for a job?
Here nothing is new, I am learning sewing and Maksik goes to school.We are happy with the apartement, we are very well with auntie and we want for nothing.
We receive parcels every week and that is good.
We received a card from Steinberg, his son is in prison( in russia maybe?) so Basia has no news from him.
Dearest little daddy,I miss you so terribly, I think of you all the time when...(continued on the other page)
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