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Submitted by Harry M Stuart

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Category: Translation - Polish
Approval Date: 6/29/2014 4:47 PM
Family Surname: Perlmutter
Country: Poland
Town: Krakow
Date of Image: 1941
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This is the first page of a 3 page letter which appears to be one of the last written before the writer was taken from the Krakow ghetto to a concentration camp. Its contents will be used in book which is underway about the family. Thank you in advance for the effort of trying to read the script.

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On  Response 
7/1/2014 4:26 AM Dear Wileczek
Already 2 days ago, I received your letter from March 25, in which you told me that you had to go to Ecuador.As I already wrote to you, this worries me very much, is a trip like this safe now? I am so happy that you received my first parcel, hopefully the second one will arrive too. At least you have your clothes now. I was unable to pull through the elastic in the underpants.Don't be angry about this, somekind of ...(an illness) overcame me.I was very surprised about your question about what do we cook. I swear to you, Wilius we are in need of nothing. As you can see from the photographs, the chidren look good, so good that I had to order for Susi a new ..(coat?)She is a complete woman now and weighs more than me. Maybe because of the good cooking.Send me some toilet soap if you can but I don't need soap for laudry.We have everything, we don't need anything, I beg you don't worry about anything.I dreamt last night that you had gone to..( a name of a person, Manka?) and that made me so sad that I was I was wringing my hands with despair.She doesn't deserve(?) you, she convinced you to take this trip. Lusia will probably be going to Hani, she has signed up for a sewing course, mais has not received an answer, I shall only know maybe in 2 days whether something will come out of it.I have not received news of Nalek? since the end of february, does he write to you?
I hope that helps. Best regards Barbara
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