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Submitted by Amoz Chernoff

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Category: Interpretation
Approval Date: 5/18/2014 5:52 PM
Family Surname: Shraga Feitel Feinstein
Country: Belarus
Town: Slonim
Date of Image: ?
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The 4th Viewmate is a scan from the book Pinkas Slonim (Chapter 22, page 57) which states that Shraga Feitel Feinstein, chet-tav-nun-vov (?son-in-law) of Mordechai, was teacher in Slonim, etc.

If my interpretation is correct, than Mordechai must have had at least one un-named daughter and that she was married to Shraga Feitel who, in turn, must have had at least one female child married to the person whose name would have been Bresky Can any one provide any more information about Mordecai's female children or of Shraga Feitel's family history. My father's mother was Minnie Fagel Bresky, thus making Shraga Feitel his grandfather.

Any comments on this matter would be appreciated.

Amoz Chernoff
Silver Spring, MD

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On  Response 
5/18/2014 11:36 PM Shraga was not a teacher. He was the head of the Rabinical court. And was the son in law (Chatano - chet-tav-nun-vov) of Mordechai.
No female name in mentioned here
5/21/2014 8:40 PM See my other translation for explanation of the term "Moreh Tsedek".

Note that in VM 33776 your are told that Reb Itsili Ginshpiker is the known name of Reb Yiskhak Halevi Epstein of Slonim. You are also told there that the "illustrious sons" in that list were born to him by his wife "Haynka daughter of "the well known our teacher and Rabbi Aharon".

So your father Isiah is the grandson of Shraga and wife (based of the flyleaf) great grandson of Rabbi Mordekhai and wife (beause Shraga was Mordekhai's son in law therfore married to one of his daughters), and great great grandson of Rabbi Yitskhak Halevi Epstein and his wife Haynka (based on VM33776). You also have Haynka's father's name, and some dates and places of deaths.

Shraga is the son in law of the said Rabbi Morechai, meaning he married his daughter.

According to this text Shraga's role as head of this court was temporary - until the cogregation selected a new Rabbi.

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