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Submitted by Alan Seid

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Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 5/4/2014 4:29 PM
Family Surname: Haas and Kriegel
Country: Poland
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This is part of a birth record for Jacob Haas born 1902 in Nadworna. Please help with translating the German to English.

In column 7 I see Jacob’s mother name Scheindel Kriegel, Scheindel father’s name Meier Josef Kriegel, and the location Holosków.

In columns 11 & 12 I see Jacob’s father name Leib Haas and the location Stanislawow.

This is all I can read.
Thank you

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On  Response 
5/5/2014 1:57 AM there is not much more information than what you already read:
in column 7 I'm not sure whether Szeindel KRIEGEL's father's is Meier Jossel or a different second name. Her status is "single". Her mother was Chany?
in column 8 is the signature of a witnes/sandec/community servant named Nuchim Burstyn. The second name is difficult to guess.
column 9 has the Mohel's name David Weisblum.
the writing over columns 10-12 seems to be in Polish. It might be the acceptance of fathership by Leib Hass, since Szeindel was not (officially) married to him.
5/5/2014 6:28 AM Dear Ala,

I have tried to read and translate the bith record. I am dutch but can read German.
No.10 Hebamme means Midwife. One of them was Izia Blau the day was 10th of September 1921. The other names I could not read.
nr. 11 and 12 Todt geborene kinder means still born babies.

Then it says: After umbilical anomalies protocol proceedings because of this Stanislawie.? 13 weeks? premature was born lifeless on the 11th. of September 1921(serious defects in umbilical cord which leads to premature deaths of the foetus. This was very common in the 18th and 19th century.)

What a sad story. Kindest regards Louise van de Ven
5/5/2014 7:57 AM The column headings are translated here:
7. Angeblich Szeindel Kriegel ledig zu Nadromw, Tochter der Eltern Meier Jussel und Cheny Kriegel aus Halbukow
= reportedly Szeindel Kriegel single in Nadromw, daughter of the parents Meier Jussel and Chany Kriegel from Hal[?]kow
8. Nachim Burstyn, Dani[e]l Burg
9. Dawie Weisler
10. Izia Blau Hebamme = midwife
The rest is in Polish.

Notes: "angeblich" (reportedly) probalby because the parents' marriage was not registered with the civil authorities. Grandfather's name was Jussel, perhaps a informal name for Joseph.
5/6/2014 1:42 AM 9. David Weisblum

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