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Submitted by Fran Cohen

Information Picture Question
Category: Translation - Tombstone
Approval Date: 5/4/2014 4:08 PM
Family Surname: Boss, Sarah
Country: USA
Town: Atlanta GA
Date of Image: 1949
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Would someone please be kind enough and translate the entire Hebrew on the tombstone for me? This is very important for my genealogy research for my family. Please comment on the ViewMate section.

Thank you,
Fran Boss Cohen
researching: Boss, Buz, Buze, Buzas

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On  Response 
5/4/2014 10:58 PM Here found peace our beloved and dear mother. The important and humble woman with good virtue. Mrs Chaya Sara daughter of Shimon Arieh wife of Avraham Yitzhak Hakohen Boss. Died 5 Tevet 5710 at the age of 76.
May she rest in peace.
5/5/2014 6:22 AM Trying to retain the sound of the original:

Here, she found rest
Our mother, dear and loved
An honored woman, and modest
And a master of good deeds:
Mrs. Chaya Sarah daughter of Reb
Shimon Aryeh; wife of
Reb Avraham Yitzchak the Kohen
Bass, who went to her world [on]
5 Days to the month of Tevet in the year
5710. She existed for 76
years when she died.
May her soul be bound up in the bond of life.
5/5/2014 7:26 AM By the way, I intentionally transliterated the surname as Bass to illustrate another permutation in your list. The Hebrew characters used are BET-ALEPH-SAMECH-SAMECH (whose pronunciation in Yiddish depends on regional dialect, as I understand).
5/6/2014 10:03 AM Here is where our dear beloved mother found her resting place. Important, modest, with good manners was she. Chaia-Sarah, daughter of rabbi Shimon Arye, wife of rabbi Avraham Yitzhak Hacohen Bess (unclear...). Died 5 of the month of Tevet 5710 (25.12.1949), 76 years old when she died.

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