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ViewMate Posting VM 32756

Submitted by Lorraine Bertelsen

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Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 3/30/2014 3:41 PM
Family Surname: Zipper
Country: Austria
Town: Vienna & Budapest Hungar
Date of Image: 22 January 1916
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I would like a translation of this card from hospital in Budapest Hungary after severe wound
and release from PoW camp in Serbia via Bulgaria.

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4/1/2014 10:38 AM Budapest, 22.1.1916

Dearest much beloved father!
Your dear card written on 19. of [missing: this month]
as well as a card from dear Grete I received thankfully (=set phrase of courtesy)
8 days ago I have written a card to dear uncle Moritz and also to dear aunt Berta.
They should have received it up to now. There is no news about me, thanks to g-d I feel better now and if the amendment is improving further, I will come home soon. I only do hope that all is alright with you, just stay healthy and well. Didn't you hear anything new about dear Bernhardt?
I remain with a lot of cordial greetings and kisses your (Erich? (lüth.??)) & thankful son[Persy??]

Budapest, 22.1.1916

Theuerster innigst geliebter Vater!
Deine lieb. Karte vom 19. ds [des (Monats)]
sowie e.[eine] K.[Karte] der l. Grete habe
dankend erhalten.
Den l. Onkel Moritz habe
schon vor ca 8 Tagen eine Karte geschrieben, auch an lieb. Tante Berta.
Müssen Selbe doch schon erhalten haben. Bei mir nichts Neues, fühle
mich gottlob schon recht wohl, und werde, wenn die Besserung anhält,
bald nach Hause kommen. Hoffe dass auch bei Euch alles in bester Ordnung ist, bleibt nur gesund und wohlauf. Habt Ihr über lieb. Bernhard nichts Neues erfahren?

Verbleibe mit viel. herzl[ichen] Grüßen und Küssen
Euer (Erich? (lüth?)) & dankbarer Sohn [Persy?]
4/3/2014 12:59 AM Not sure why you extended its posting. The main body of the text is precisely as above. The only addition I have to make is that it's not Euer Erich, it's Euer Euch [something] u. dankbarer Sohn... The [something]is probably a standard abbreviation for something like treuer = true to you. The construction is normal in German, but very stilted in English, it's like "your loving you & thankful son X". I can't do better with the signature. He jazzed it up so as to make it very hard to read. I know you're looking for juicy details, but you won't get them from an early 20-th century German, esp. on a postcard, which anyone could read. It's really, really all about how are you, this is the mail I've gotten & the mail I've sent. First of all, mail from the army was censored. Heavily censored. G-d forbid anyone get info outside the official channels. 2ndly, as I pointed out in a similar context to another e-correspondent, members of this society would rather stick a fork in their eye than explicitly speak of their emotions, let alone put them to paper - I know, I was raised in a time warp, like a child of that time would have been.

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