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ViewMate Posting VM 32755

Submitted by Lorraine Bertelsen

Information Picture Question
Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 3/19/2014 4:05 PM
Family Surname: Zipper
Country: Austria
Town: Vienna Austria and Serbia
Date of Image: 20 January 1915
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I would like a translation of this postcard
probably written from Serbian PoW camp.

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On  Response 
3/21/2014 10:21 AM 11/XII 1914
Theuerst geliebte Eltern + Geschwister!
Kom[m]e erst heute dazu, Euch meinen
innigst Geliebten wieder zu schreiben. Ihr
werdet schon beunruhigt gewesen sein, konnte
aber leider nichts machen. Es war durch den
Vormarsch unmöglich zu schreiben. Ich bin gottlob
gesund und wohlauf, und hoffe auch dass bei
Euch alles in bester Ordnung ist. Diverse
Karten von Euch habe erhalten, auch Tabak
Zigaretten Feuerzeug und Schokolade habe
dankend erhalten. Schokolade könnt Ihr mir öfters
senden. Überhaupt was [??] möglich ist.
hoffentlch werde ich Euch nicht mehr lange belästigen
müssen und einmal werdet Ihr hören dass wir
die Serben zum Teufel gejagt haben und der Krieg
[left margin]
sein Ende erreicht hat. Viele 1000
Grüße + Küsse Euer Pepi

Dearest and beloved parents and siblings,
I finally have the opportunity to write you, my heartfeltly beloved ones. You must have been worried, but there was nothing I could have done. It was impossible to write due to the advance. I am, G-d be praised, healthy and well, and I hope that everything is OK with you, too. I have received several cards from you, as well as tobacco, cigarettes and chocolade with thanks. You can send me chocolade more often. [Send me] anything that is possible. I hope that I will not bother you any longer, and one day you will hear that we will have sent the Serbs to the devil and that the war has reached its end. Many thousands of greetings and kisses, your Peppi.

["Pepi" is a diminutive for Joseph.]

3/21/2014 11:39 AM Nisch, 20. Jänner 1915
Theuerst geliebte Eltern + Geschwister!
Bin seit 17./XII in Gefangenschaft, es
geht mir gut bin wohlauf und gesund. Ihr
könnt mir durch das rote Kreuz od amerikanische
Konsulat schreiben. Vor allem sendet mir
raschest 400 Kronen durch das amerik. Konsulat
Wien Erkundigt Euch näher: bittet das Geld möge
über Bukarest, nach Nisch an das amerik Konsulat
geleit werden damit es rasch geht, wenn möglich
telegrafisch. Über mich könnt Ihre beruhigt
sein, bei Euch hoffentlich alles gesund und
Herzliche Grüße + Küsse
Herzliche Grüße u Küsse
an liebe Ma[??]!
Meine Adresse (Briefe übernimmt
das rote Kreuz)
J. Z.

Nish, 20 January 1915
Dearest beloved parents + siblings!
Since 17 December I have been in captivity. I'm fine, I'm doing well and I'm healthy. You can write me via the Red Cross or the American consulate. Most importantly, send me as quickly as possible 400 crowns via the American consulate in Vienna. Ask for more information. Ask that the money be sent via Bucharest to Nish to the American consulate, and in order that it occurs quickly, if possible by wire. You don't have to worry about me. I hope everybody is healthy and well at your place.
Cordial regards + Kisses
Cordial regards and kisses
to dear Ma[??]!
My address (letters are the responsibility of the Red Cross)
J. Z.
POW camp
Niš [??]


The POW camp was probably in or near the city of Niš (Nish) that was the war-time capital of Serbia. The address of the POW camp at the bottom of the card is cut off, so I could not verify it.
The "N" as written in this card looks a bit strange with the first upstroke high up, however I could find no place called 'Visch' or 'Viš' in Serbia. I found, however, a postcard showing
"Austrian POWs guarded by Serbian Soldiers near Nis":

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