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Submitted by Marshall Jerome Katz

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Category: Translation - Other
Approval Date: 1/19/2014 4:55 PM
Family Surname:
Town: Michalovce
Date of Image: 1938-44
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I am told it contains multiple languages

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1/25/2014 6:24 PM III
L. Kind du intereszirszdich vegen di
Gross Eltern hasztu den gekont etvasz
machen? filaicht zenen zei noch in
Zselain zei nemn gefarn in ersten
tracport der var zehr streng auch
vesz ich nicht die gezece vegen unzer
Kurc[??] ob zi ken frai hirumgen zi
ist alt gevorn 14 jahr hat zi nicht gekent
zein in Legetimacion? forleifig get zi
frai hirum L. Kind interszirdich ob
der ester trancport ist in Zselain
einige leite zegen das er ist grad nach
polen gefaren ist das möglich das zol
die olte leite zolman in ein ci hin ne-
men vi können zei das aushalten?
L. Kind van dir möglich ist intere-
szirdich vi zei zenen mein härz
tit mir zehr vej nach zei vir haben
derauf nicht gerechnet man zoll könen
zofasz machen mit alte mencsen L. K.
man hat fon hir genomen rb Chajemel
mit den kranken veib mit 3 ferhairede
te kinder mit die Mener in kinder

Dear child, you are interested in the grandparents, have you been able to do anything? Perhaps they are still in Zselain[?], they went with the first transport, this one was very severe; I also don't know the laws about our [??], if she can walk around freely. She is now 14 years old, could she not have been in legitimation? So far she can walk around freely. Dear child, are you interested if the first transport went to Zselain[?], some people say that it went straight to Poland; is it possible that the old people can make it, that they put up with it and endure it? My heart is aching for them. We did not reckon that they could do something like this to old people. Dear child, they have taken away Rb. Chajemel with his sick wive and three married children with their husbands and children.
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