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Submitted by Marshall Jerome Katz

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Category: Translation - Other
Approval Date: 1/19/2014 4:55 PM
Family Surname:
Town: Michalovce
Date of Image: 1938-44
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I am told it contains multiple languages

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1/14/2014 2:46 AM German
1/16/2014 2:03 PM You're right...
I can make out a mixture of German and Yiddish, with a pinch of Hebrew, and a tiny bit of Polish spelling.
1/18/2014 1:46 PM Liebes Tajeres Kind! [Hebrew word]
Dein sreiben haben vir erhalten vas du
sreibst du nicht klur bist in meinen
sreiben das kan zein veil vir haben nich
gedenkt das vir bleiben veil in Trrebisov
und in Galszecs hat man cu riken di
legetimacionen ich var bei dR. Brugler
auch bei den Notar auch in di Uase keiner
hat garnicht gevust mir cu zagen mich
cu beruigen zei haben angefangen in 6 uhr
Sontag nachmetag di unterste gasse zei
haben genomen 90 Mencsen ohne o[?]nan
die Gross Eltern hat man auch genomen vir ha-
gen ferlangt das der Gross Fatter zoll
hir nechten und di Gross Mutter mit
ein enkeril zu hause bettligend oder zi
hat nicht vollen lassen den Gross Fatter
zu uncz zo hat man zei leider genomen
iberhaubt alle alte leite es ist gebliben
hir ein charbin in di Mencsen iberhobt
in chszidisen ajlen 3 trasporten zenen
vek lume kranke alte vir varen zo der
bittert das vir haben nur cugekit der

Tentative translation

Beloved and dear child,
We have received your letter, what you write you are not [??] in my letter, it can be because we have not thought that we would stay, because in Trebishov [Trebišov] and Galszecs [Hungarian name of Sečovce] on had to [??] the ligitimations; I was at Dr. Brugler's and at the notary's, and also at the [??], nobody knew anything to tell me to reassure me. The started at 6 o'clock in the morning on Sunday, in the afternoon they had taken 90 people without [??], they had also taken the grandparents. We had asked that the grandfather should stay with us overnight, and the grandmother with one grandchild was at home in bed, but they did not let the grandfather join us, so unfortunately the took them away. In all, all old people, a charbin[?] stayed here in the people, in all in chszidisen[?], all three transport have left [??] old sick old [poeple], we were so overwhemed that we only looked on.

Some words I do not recognize, they might be grossly misspelled or Yiddish or Hebrew or Slovak. Grammar is very bad.
1/29/2014 3:36 PM thanks for the translation.
third row. you did not right clear
rwo 12 90 menscen ono osnam. everyone
1/29/2014 3:49 PM row 21 in chsidisen oylem. Orthodox Community
this letter is written in spoken Yiddish
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