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Submitted by Linda Carol Herz

Information Picture Question
Category: Translation - Tombstone
Approval Date: 12/15/2013 5:26 PM
Family Surname: Buehler
Country: Germany
Town: Kleinerdlingen, Wallerste
Date of Image: 1865 / 1908
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This is the headstone of my great-great grandparents Jette Rosenberger Buehler and Jakob Buehler. He was born in Pflaumloch and she was born in Oberdorf. They lived in Kleinerdlingen. He died in 1865, she died in 1908. I don't know what other information you need, but if you have any questions, my email is I can also send you a bigger image of the headstone. They are buried in the Wallerstein Cemetery. Thank you so much.

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On  Response 
12/16/2013 5:35 AM 1. Yaakov son of Avraam Buhler from Kleinerdlingen, passed on Wednesday, 9th of Tevet, 5626 (Dec 27 1865).
2. Yetla, the widow of Yaakov Buhler from Kleinerdlingen, passed on Saturday, 11th of Adar II, 5658 (March 5 1898)
No further information of genealogical value.
The last 4 Hebrew lines on both sides are acronymical verses (1st letter of each line is the corresponding letter of the burried person's name) praising the deceased.

Michael MOz,
Maale-Adumim, Israel
12/16/2013 9:56 AM "here is buried

[right side]
a valiant woman mrs
widow of the honoured yaaqov
from kleinerdlingen
went to her eternity on the holy shabbat
11 of adar 2 5668 [14 mar 1908]
[a 4-line acrostic spelling out yitla]

[left side]
an honest man mr [less likely "honoured rabbi"]
son of the honoured avraham
from kleinerdlingen
went to his eternity on wednesday
8 of teveth 5626 [26 december 1865]
[a 4-line acrostic spelling out yaaqov]

may their souls be bound up in the bond of life"


jakob's date of death seems to be off by one day. (tuesday v. wednesday.)

his honorific is usually used for a rabbi, but on gravestones is commonly used just as a sign of respect.

the transliteration of "kleinerdlinken" from german to hebrew to english may have mangled the spelling of the placename.

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