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Submitted by Phyllis N Simon

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Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 10/20/2013 4:58 PM
Family Surname: LEIDER
Country: Romania
Town: Pistyn'
Date of Image: 1892
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Pistyn' is in the Ukraine now, but at the time of Nussen David's birth, it was Romania. The column headings are in German and Romanian (I believe), corresponding to the same headings as on, so I'm not too worried about those.

I would primarily like to know what the first row of text says, but any translation is appreciated.

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On  Response 
10/23/2013 3:41 PM The titles are in German and Polish. The translation is here:

1) 66
2) 2. Mai = May 1892 Kosów 177
3) 9. Mai = May 1892 Kosów 177
4) Nusen David (2 Namen = 2 names)
5) [presumably illegitimate]
6) [no entry]
7) angeblich Sojke Szkólnik
ritual vermä[h]lt
mit Cham Leider Musikant
in Kosów, Tochter
des David und
Chane Szkólnik
aus Pistyń
supposedly Sojke Szkólnik, ritually married with Chan Leider, musician in Kosów, daughter of David and Chane Szkólnik from Pistyń
8) W. Salzman aus=from [??]
9) [??] Meyer
10) Feige Nal Hebamme=midwife in Kosów

Notes: Kosów (today: Kosiv) is a town 9 km southeast of Pistyń (today: Pistyn'). It was in Galicia, only 10 km from the border to Bukovina. It was never Romanian. The northern Part of Bukovina, today part of Ukraine, was also never Romanian.
If a child was given two given names (a first and a middle name), this was noted in the record.
Jewish marriages in Galicia at the time were rarely reported to the civil authorities. Most marriages were not registered, they were called "ritual", and children from these marriages were deemed illegitimate. Usually, in these cases, the father acknowledges the fatherhood, as was done in record number 69 further down (anerkennt die Vaterschaft = the father acknowledges the fatherhood). In this case, however, the father did not show up at the registration office for whatever reason, so he is not noted in the record as such, only as "ritual" husband of the mother. Similarly, the parents of the mother were probably also only "ritually" married, this explains why the mother was "supposedly" called Szkólnik.
10/23/2013 4:38 PM I forgot the middle name of the father: his name was Cham Leib Leider.
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