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Submitted by Ilana Shira Avimor

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Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 10/16/2013 3:54 PM
Family Surname: Fleiss
Country: Austria
Town: Czernowitz, Bojan
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Please help me understand what is written here. Thanks

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10/18/2013 4:36 PM Hello Ilana,

While I cannot translate for you, I will provide you with what I can decipher.....

Hersch Fleiss....December 9, 1890 (or September 12, 1890)...??? 22 ???......March 10, 1881. **This last date is of question, but the year is correct.

That's the best I can do. Maybe somebody else can come up with the rest of the information that you need....Jo
10/19/2013 3:49 PM It would help if you told us the context in which this snippet is. What kind of a document is this? Is there a column title? Better yet, scan the whole document and post it.
10/19/2013 10:31 PM I can post it again. it was posted in the past,no. 27929. I wanted to understand what's in this column. I can see the name Hersch Fleiss (father), the word Sadagura (place of father's birth (?) and the date 6/3/1881, which in Hersch's death certificate, was mention as his married date (6/3/1881). thanks
10/20/2013 9:32 AM According to VM27929 the birth was originally deemed illegitimate, which is logical because the birth was in 1878 while the marriage, according to the death certificate, was 6 March 1881. These children many times would be legitimized later.

Hersch Fleiss
ehel[ich] l[aut]
Z. 226
legit[imiert] am
6/3. 881

Hersch Fleiss
[the child is] legitimate according to the marriage certificate [from] Sadagura provided on 9 Dec [1]890, file number 226, legitimized [retroactively] on 6 March [1]881.

My interpretation is than in 1890, the father brought his marriage certificate to the registration office in Czernovitz, according to which the child was retroactively declared legitimate.

The next step would be to find the marriage record which should be at Sadagura.

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