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Submitted by Stephen Michael Brown

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Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 10/13/2013 3:51 PM
Family Surname: Brickmann
Country: Germany
Town: Danzig / Gdansk
Date of Image: about 1887
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This and submission "Brickmann image 24_26" are the 2 sides of the Registration Card completed by the authorities in Danzig when it was part of Germany.

I would like a complete translation of both images please. Abraham and Amalia Brickmann (nee Becker) were my maternal great-grandparents. Abraham was born in Kolna (Russian Poland), but Amalia was born in Danzig. Their youngest child- my Grandma Nelly was the only one born in UK (Manchester). Consequently she does not appear on the cards but two children who died young are listed. I would be grateful for as full a translation as possible. Thank you. Stephen Brown

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On  Response 
10/14/2013 8:28 AM The names of the parents are: Father Merchant Moses Brickmann in Kollna
[captions:] Runnng number / Family and given name / status / birth day. month. year./ Religion / a. place of birth b. place of baptism (church) c. place of burial / personal circumstances, e.g. regarding trade etc.
1. Brinkann Abraham / Schneidergeselle = taylor's assistant / 15 Aug 1853 / I[sraelite] / Kollma, Lamicke[?] district / Polnisch-Russisch Unterthan = Polish-Russian subject
am 5/1. 87 von Amsterdamm nach Gaus[…] 7 III = on 5 Jan [18]87 from Amsterdam to Gaus[…] 7, 3rd floor[?]
ausgewiesen = expelled
2. Amalie geb. = nee Berker / Frau = wife/ 28 Sep [18]47 / a.
am 10. 6. [June] [18]76 in Danzig getraut = married
3. Emilie / Tochter = daughter / 15 Feb 1877 / dto.
4. Fränze / Tochter = daughter / 29 Apr 1878 / dto.
5. Friederike / dto [= daughter] / 13 Sep 1879 / dto.
2 Jan [18]75 from Kullna in Russia to Häckergasse [ulica Straganiarska] number 23 c/o Nehrke
7 Feb [18]75 to Breitgasse [ulica Szeroka] 84 c/o Foss

There are several towns in Poland called Kolmo; however, I could not find anything similar to Lamicke district.
Similarly, I cannot read where the family moved from Amsterdam, something starting with G...
10/14/2013 9:14 AM Correction:
von Amsterdam nach Hausthor 7 III
Modern spelling: Am Haustor, a street in Danzig.
It appears that Abraham left for Amsterdam when he was expelled, but Amalie either stayed back or came back to Danzig from Amsterdam.

Häckergasse should be Häkergasse.
10/14/2013 9:25 AM Kr Lamsche, a misspelling for Kreis Lomscha = Łomża district.
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