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Submitted by Jill Kornmehl

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Category: Translation - Other
Approval Date: 10/20/2013 4:48 PM
Family Surname: Weitzner
Country: Austria
Town: Vienna
Date of Image: 1910?
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Looking for translation from Austrian to English for this document.

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10/17/2013 2:02 PM Hello Jill,

The same for this document. Here is what I can decipher for you:

Item #50 - The date (on the left) looks like either June 15, 1909 or 1919...more probably 1919. See below.

Larger middle column - The name is Rachmiel Weitzner, under it Kaufmann. Farther down the names of Nathan Weitzner and Lea (born/maiden name)Turteltaub.

The information in the next column is probably the date of birth - May 18, 1895. Age at the time of this document is 24 years and one month. Based on this, I believe that the date of the document would be 1919.

Hope that this gives you a good start. Perhaps someone else can provide the missing remaining information for you....Jo
10/17/2013 8:17 PM 50

15. Juni 1919 nachmittags 3Uhr

II Pazmanitengasse 6

31. Mai, 7. und 14.Juni 1919, im Bethause II Pazmanitengasse 6
2 Geburtsscheine
1 Staatsbürgerschaftserklärung des Bräutigams
2 Wohnungszeugnisse
1 Eheeinwilligungsbescheinigung seitens des Brautvaters

Rachmiel Weitzner,
geboren in Tysminica, Galizien
zuständig zur Deutsch-öster-
reichischen Republik Sohn des
Herrn Nathan Weitzner und
dessen Ehegattin Lea, geborene

18 Mai 1895, 24 Jahre 1 Monat


XVII Frauenfelderstraße 13/15

[translation from German]


[date of wedding] 15. June 1919 3 p.m.

[place of wedding] [Vienna] 2nd [borough] Pazmanitengasse 6 [the largest synagogue in Vienna, built in 1910 and destryed in 1938 at Kristallnacht]

[banns were posted on] 3. May, 7 and 14 June 1919, at the house of worship [in Vienna] 2nd [borough] Pazmanitengasse 6
[documents presented:]
2 birth certificates
1 declaration of citizenship of the groom
2 certifications of place of residence
1 consent of marriage from the father of the bride

[groom:] Rachmiel Weitzner,
born in Tyśmienica, Galicia
citizen of the German-Austrian Republic, son of Nathan Weitzner and
his wife Lea, nee Turteltaub

[date of birth] 18 May 1895, [age] 24 years 1 month


[residence] [Vienna] 17th [borough] Frauenfelderstrasse 13/15
10/25/2013 10:05 PM I haven't see such documents in my Austrian family, but the many I have seen in mine contain the profession(occupation) underneath the name.
I suggest the same is possible here, and Kaufmann is the occupation: salesman, and not necessarily part of the name.
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