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Submitted by Jill Kornmehl

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Category: Translation - Other
Approval Date: 10/13/2013 3:45 PM
Family Surname: Kornmehl
Country: Austria
Town: Vienna
Date of Image: 1919
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Looking for help translating this marriage document from Austrian to English.
Many thanks!

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On  Response 
10/17/2013 1:45 PM Hello Jill,

White I an unable to provide you with a translation, I can pull out what I can decipher and "read between the lines".

Ernestine Kornmehl (possibly the bride?)
April 3, 1900 (date of birth?)
18 years, 10 months (current age?)
Tarnow (place of birth?), rest not legible
Pinkas Kornmehl (father?)
Rachel, born/maiden name Reich, (mother?).

Hope that this gives you a start and that someone else will be able to fill in the missing information....Jo
10/17/2013 7:46 PM Ernestine Kornmehl
geboren in Wien, zustän-
dig nach Tarnow, Tochter
des Herrn Pinkas Korn-
mehl und dessen Ehegattin,
frau Rachel, geborene
3. August 1900
18 Jahre 10 Monate
II Glockengasse 14/2

Bräutigam: R. Weigner
Braut: Ernestine Kornmehl
1. Zeuge: Paul Kornmehl
Beschäftigung: Kaufmann
wohnhaft: II Nowarag[asse] 14.
2. Zeuge: Julius Sprengel
Beschäftigung: Kaufmann
wohnhaft: Glockengasse 14
Die Trauung hat vollzogen:
Rabbiner Dr. S. Finck
Wien, den 13. Juni 1919

[translation from German:]

Ernestine Kornmehl
born in Vienna, place of origin/citizenship Tarnow,
daughter of Pinkas Kornmehl und his wife Rachel, nee Reich
3. August 1900
18 years 10 months
[Vienna] 2nd [borough] Glockengasse 14/2

Groom: R. Weigner
Bride: Ernestine Kornmehl
1st witness: Paul Kornmehl
occupation: merchant
residing: [Vienna] 2nd [borough] Novaragasse 14.
2nd witness: Julius Sprengel
occupation: merchant
residing: Glockengasse 14
The wedding was officiated by:
Rabbi Dr. S. Finck
Vienna the 13th of June 1919
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