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Submitted by Aron Segal

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Category: Translation - Russian
Approval Date: 10/13/2013 3:40 PM
Family Surname: Segal
Country: Lithuania
Town: Zagare
Date of Image: circa 1910
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This is the Russian Army discharge papers for a fourth cousin, born Shalom Segal in around 1880. He was the son of (Rabbi)Shlomo Netaniel Segal and Judith Getch.

He migrated to Melbourne, Australia in ~ 1910.
His wedding certificate indicates he was born in Mrinn (a location that I have never identified) Russia but his family come from Zagare, Lithuania.

I would welcome a translation of the document as it may reveal more in formation about Sol Segal (as I knew him), especially his place of birth and his parents.


Aron Segal

Melbourne Australia

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On  Response 
10/7/2013 12:43 AM This is a civilian passport issued to Shalom Shlomovich Segal in Kovno Guberniya Shavel District Novozagorsk community(Russian for New Zagare) on August 26, 1911
Religion Jewish
Age 34
Occupation Butcher
M. status Single
Military duty - enlisted in October 30, 1898
SignatureShalom Shlomovich Segal(in his own writing, paragraph 7 on the left)
Height above average
Hair color blond
Special signs none
10/7/2013 9:19 PM This is all I can do for now -- I hope someone else can figure out more.

Right side:
I can't get the writing at the top of the right side or the printed words that precede the following, which may be where he was born (where his parents were from):
... from Kaunas province, Shavel (Siauliai)district, New Zhagar community....

Sholom Shlemovich (pronounced Shlyomovich) Segal is discharged to the various towns and villages of the Russian Empire per the date written below: 26th of August, 1911.

Left side was filled in by Sholom himself (#7 is his signature) and his writing is harder for me to make out.
1. Religion - Jewish
2. Age - 34
3. Type of [...] - ?
4. Marital status - married
5. Has with him - [possibly that's the symbol for a British pound?]
6. Status with respect to military obligation: per the documentation of [...] from October 2 18...[...] militiaman of the first class.
7. [signature]
8. Height - [...]
9. Hair color - light red / chestnut
10. Special marks - [...]
"Mrinn" must certainly be a misreading of the name of this place on the wedding certificate.
10/8/2013 1:43 PM Right side :in hand writing- Because there is no yellow color passport the white one was issued.
in print-
This passport is valid in places where Jews are allowed to live.
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