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Submitted by Ben Forman

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Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 9/22/2013 4:20 PM
Family Surname: Sawady
Country: Germany
Town: Breig
Date of Image: 1917
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Dear Genners

This is the first page of a letter sent to a distant relative of mine from her father who died soon after fighting in World War 1; if anyone can assist with the translation I would be most grateful; there are 3 further pages.

Many thanks as always


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On  Response 
9/23/2013 2:14 PM Sorry, in the last sentence I didn´t got alle the words...

First in German:
Mein geliebtes Kind, fern von dir weilt dein Papa in Feindesland, dem es leider nicht vergönnt sein kann, deinen ersten Geburtstag im Kreise seiner Lieben mit beizuwohnen und so muss ich dir mein geliebtes Töchterchen meine innigsten Wünsche von hier aus darbringen. Der liebe Gott erhalte dich ferner recht gesund und munter, und ... zur ... weiter heranwachsen. Die geliebte Muttel

I´ve tried a translation (not all the words are able to translate, I think):

My beloved child, dar away from you your papa stands in enemy territory, not granted to surrounds his beloved ones at your first birthday. and so I have to send you, my beloved daughter, my most heartfelt wishes up from here. The good Lord should keep you hale and hearty, ...
The beloved mum

Hope, this helps you.
9/24/2013 7:54 AM .....My darling child
Your papa is far away from you in the enemy country, from which sadly I'm cannot be excused. Your first birthday[......]
So darling little daughter, it is from here that I have to send you my most loving good wishes.
May the good Lord keep you hale and hearty and may you grow up to honesty and joy. Your dear Mummy...
9/25/2013 6:35 AM ... und lasse er dich uns ["dir" has been struck out] zur Freude weiter heranwachsen.
... and may He let you grow up further to our delight.
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