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Submitted by David William Perle

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Category: Translation - Russian
Approval Date: 10/9/2013 4:10 PM
Family Surname: Perle
Country: Poland
Town: Kalisz
Date of Image: 1877
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This is the birth record of my great-grandfather, after whom I am named. It indicates birth on 4/11/1877 (a week before it was submitted to the registrar), but I saw a note someplace on this site stating that it was common in those days for families to register a few children at once born within a range of a year or more, and I HAVE seen conflicting records showing that my great-grandfather (Dawid Wolf Perle, in Polish) was born in either 1876 or 1877, so I wonder if this might conclusively give the exact date of birth, including year?

Besides that, I would LOVE a complete translation of this, if possible. You never know what clues might turn up in the minutia that might aid in my genealogical exploration!

Thanks so much!

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On  Response 
10/4/2013 3:44 PM
(The following) took place in the town of Kalisz on April 6th / 18th 1876, at four p.m. Appeared personally (before us) Sender Perle, tradesman, aged 29 years, living in the town of Kalisz, in presence of the witnesses Leyb Tsomber, tradesman, aged 55 years, and Wolf Perle, tradesman, aged 36 years, both living in the town of Kalisz, and presented to us a male child, declaring that he was born in this town of Kalisz on March 30th / April 11th of the present year, at six a.m., from his legitimate wife Esther Hanna born Dembinski, aged 28 years. To this child was given the name of David Wolf. The present act was read (to the declarer and to the witnesses), and then undersigned.
Follow four signatures : the civil servant authenticating the act, the declarer and the witnesses
10/4/2013 3:54 PM sorry, it's 1877, as you wrote, not 1876 ; nothing else to change in my previous post

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