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Submitted by Robin Gordon Koerner

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Category: Translation - Yiddish
Approval Date: 9/11/2013 4:03 PM
Family Surname: Blecher (Blake) / Maniches (Mank)
Country: Poland
Town: Krynki (Krinik)
Date of Image: 1900's - 1920's
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Can anyone please translate this postcard written in Yiddish for me? The postcard was most likely written to my grandparents who moved from Krynki, Poland to the US between early 1900's (my grandfather) through early 1910's (my grandmother).
My grandparents names were: David Blake (Blecher) and Rose Mank (Rachel Maniches).
You can email me directly at: or though this site.

Thank you,
Robin Gordon Koerner

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On  Response 
9/15/2013 11:26 AM Are you still in need of a translation, Robin?
I think, the Yiddish is:
fraynd Dovid(?) ikh ken dir shrayben dos ikh befine zikh in besten gezund gibe nit erger fun dir tsu erin yetst fraynd ken ikh dir shrayben dos dayn pasil hob ikh eralten un ikh dank dir far dayn tray tsu mir yetst ken ken ikh dir shrayben fun mir dos ikh arbet nokh nit ikh gey arum untsufriden un men shipt aveg di tek un azoy geyt dos der gantser leben unzovayter . yetst fraynd Dovid ken ikh dir shrayben tsi ikh hob deralten eyn leter ken ikh dir shrayben az nit // ikh ken dir shrayben dos oyf? dem leter vos ikh hob geshikt mit dir tsuzamen hob ikh oykh nit keyn enzver// efsher vet nokh onkumen dos ken ikh nit visen vi dos vet zayn vayl ikh kenit zogen feroyz vet vet zayn shpeter yetst fraynd vos zol ikh dir shrayben nokh fun mir keyn asobene zakhen fun mir zelpst hob ikh dir nit vos tsu shrayben un zakh ergerin fun dem hob ikh yetst nit keyn gey ikh vayt fun ales zakh ergerin ken men bikumen oyf yene velt… yetst fraynd shrayb mir tsi du host eralten eyn leter fun Rokhlen tsi nit// du zolst mir fun ales shrayben fun mir dayn fraynd
Gershon Lavter
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