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Submitted by Bobby Furst

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Category: Translation - Yiddish
Approval Date: 8/28/2013 4:09 PM
Family Surname:
Country: Poland
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Please translate to English the Yiddish on the postcard.

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On  Response 
8/28/2013 9:08 PM Please invert the postcard 180 degrees. Thanks
8/28/2013 9:21 PM This was written by Moshe Itzhak to his sister Feiga. These are his girls.

Written on Aug 27, 1924

Sorry-I cannot help much with the content
8/29/2013 6:38 AM I send you a greeting from my children....they are.... the bottom on the right he asks how are you, how is your husband, your small children.

that's all I can decipher. perhaps enlarging the image a bit might help and taking the left portion and making it into a separate image might help as well.
8/30/2013 12:55 PM Hi Bobby, I think it is:

libe shvester Feyge!ikh shik dir a grus fun mayne kinderlikh zey zenen fiel shener vi oyf der fotografye di kleyderlikh shikhlikh un zekhlekh zenen fun di matones vos ihr hot mir geshikt ikh hob fun di bay aykh gerupene lates ibergineyt sheyne malbushim far Rivkelen un di kinderlikh farvos shraybst du mir nit fun dir vos makhst du, dayn man,mit dayne sheyne kinderlikh? vifielmohl hob ikh dikh gebeten zolst mir shiken Leyzers fotografye ikh vil ihm poshet kenen.ikh, Rivkele mit mayne kinderlikh grissen dikh dayn man un dayne kinderlikh un vinshen aykh alle a ketiva v’khatima toyve Moyshe Yitskhok 27 August 1924

Dear sister Feyga!Sending you a regard from my (little) children,they are much more beautiful than on the photograph!The dresses, shoes and things are from the gifts, which you sent to me. With the torn patches from you (?), I sew again nice clothes for Rivkele and the children. Why don’t you write me about yourself, what you are doing, your husband and your beautiful (little) children? How often did I ask you, to send me Leyzer’s photograph, I just want to know him. I, Rivkele and my children are sending regards to you, your husband and your (little) children, wishing all of you:
“May you be written and sealed in the book of life”
(Yom Kipur greeting).
Moshe Yitskhok
August 27, 1924
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