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Submitted by Michael Alan Stecker

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Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 8/28/2013 4:05 PM
Family Surname: Albert
Country: Austria
Town: Sambor, Galicia
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This image is from JRI-Poland regarding Dwore (Dora) Albert, my grand aunt from Sambor, Galicia. Can anyone translate the German into English? I am particularly interested in columns 7-10.


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8/22/2013 11:54 AM The headers can be found here:

1. 3
2. 2nd Jan. 1879 Samboar No 102 Bl. v.
3. 4th Jan. 1879 Samboar No 102 Bl. v.
4. Dwore, female
5. illegitimate
6. [no entry]
7. Chane Spacher in Sambor, verheirathet nach jüdischem Ritus mit Samuel Eilbert Schneider in Lubin, ist die Tochter der in Sambor verstorbenen Taglöhner Abraham Wolf u. Charne Perl Spacher = Chane Spacher in Samgor, married according to Jewish rite with Samuel Eilbert, taylor in Lubin; she is the daughter of the day labourer Abraham Wolf who has died in Sambor and of Charne Parl Spacher
8. Josel Rollenberg, Taglöhner in Sambor als Segenssprecher = day labouror in Sambor as pronouncer of blessings
9. [no entry]
10. Sara Schmalbach Hebamme (midwife) in Sambor als Namensf[ertiger] und Zeuge Jacob Trichler [Jacob Trichler signed on behalf of Sara Schmalbach who was presumably illiterate]
11. [no entry]
12. [no entry]

Note: The father was most probably Samuel Elbert, however, he was not entered into the column 6 because he was not registered as married, nor had he declared being the father. Most Galician Jewish marriages were not recognised by the civil authorities because they were never registered, and the children were therefore deemed to be illegitimate even if the parents had been married under the Chuppah. However, in most cases that I have seen so far at ViewMate, the father had declared his fatherhood in column 12. This was not the case here. My conjecture is that the father was not able to sign a fatherhood declaration because he was absent or had some other reason not to show up at the registration office.
8/22/2013 2:15 PM Thank you so much for your excellent translation & explanation of the birth document of Dwore Albert/Eilbert of Sambor, Galicia. One thing I do not understand is who is Abraham Wolf in column 7 where information on the mother of Dwore Eilbert -- Chane Spacher is listed. It seems to indicate that day labourer Abraham Wolf is Chane Spacher's father, yet they have different surnames. Can you explain?

8/24/2013 7:27 AM Yes, Chane is daughter of the deceased Abraham Wolf and of Charme Perl Spacher.
The name is not quite clear. It could be meant: Abraham Wolf Spacher and Charme Perl Spacher. Or indeed he has a different name. That could be when they were married in a religious sense, but not officially registered at the civil offices.
(The same here with Dwore, she is called illegitim, therefore no father is written there, but at the entry of the mother you see, that the parents were religiosly married and her father is Samuel Eilbert) But at that time her official name would have been Dwore Spacher not Dwore Eilbert.
8/31/2013 3:46 PM To clarify, the father of Chane is Abraham Wolf Spacher. The records, same as in English speaking, put the surname only after both names. Wolf is a common first name, and in this case he went by 2 names, as many did.
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