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Submitted by Alan David Mandl

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Category: Do you recognize?
Approval Date: 7/21/2013 2:47 PM
Family Surname: Lempert
Country: Austria
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Does anyone recognize the Lempert store and its location, believed to be in or near Vienna, or know about this Lempert family? My father was married to a Frances Lempert in Vienna in 1934 or 1935. As of January 1939, she was listed as having left Italy, where they had been living, while my father remained in Parma, subject to expulsion in March 1939. In February 1939, he left Italy and arrived in Cuba in March 1939, with entry papers listing him as divorced. Any information about the fate of the Lempert family and Frances in particular is of interest.

Thanks, Alan Mandl
Wayland, MA

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7/22/2013 3:05 AM No, sorry.
Perhaps it could be helpfull that on the sign is written something like "Geschirr (für) Gast- Kaffeehäuser Grossküchen".

They were wholesalers for catering supplies, especially for tableware/dishware, for restaurants, cafes and canteen/commercial kitchens.

Perhaps in an old adress book were the shop type is listed one could find them...
7/22/2013 8:01 AM I checket the 1931 and 1934 Vienna directories at:
There was a Lempert & Co Küchengeräte (kitchen equipment) at 1st Borough, Hohenstaufengasse 15. However, the building looks different at that address at
Also Lilly Lempert, Haus- u. Küchengeräte and Marie Lempert, Küchengeräte. Again, the store was not found at street view.
Do you have a date for the photo so that you could search in the appropriate year of the directories?
7/22/2013 12:50 PM Wow, you found a wonderfull source!
I'd say the photo could date earlier.
In 1911 I found with "Haus- und Küchengeräte" a Marie Lempert at Hernalser Hauptstraße 19/ XVII Bezirk.
In 1920 Marie Lemperts shop is at Novaragasse 24/IIBezirk
In 1921 I found instead of Marie "Lempert and Co" Palffygasse 179/ XVII Bezirk.
But the houses changed that much, there is no saying which is the right one.
On the right side of the shop there was a shoemaker were we know only the first name "Oskar". But that will not help further.

By the way: is it sure the name of Frances was exactly "Frances" even in Vienna times? It sounds very angloamerican and would have been a very untypical name. Perhaps she changed it in Italy for the purpose of an easier pronunciation?
7/25/2013 6:19 PM The 1931 directory lists in Vol. 2, part III, page 122:
Lempert & CO., Gemischtw. Großhadl., I. Hohenstaufeng. 15, Öff. Ges. Elias Lempert u. Mechel M. Wechselberg. Prok. Gusti Wechselberg. A 46,215.
Vol. 1 part I p. 926 has:
Lempert & Co., pFa., Küchengeräte, I. Hohenstaufeng. 15.
It appears that Elias Lempert was the co-owner of a kitchen equipment wholesale business.
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