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Submitted by Robert S Weisskirch

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Category: Translation - Polish
Approval Date: 7/14/2013 4:14 PM
Family Surname: Izbutsky
Town: Narewka
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I believe this is a verification of marriage. Can I get a close translation?

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On  Response 
7/15/2013 5:47 PM It is quite difficult to translate this certificate line by line - it took me a while to understand the meaning of it as Polish apparently was not the native language of the person who wrote this document. Certain words are used in quite unusual way, or even single words of German are mixed into text in Polish (for example "Juna" instead of "Czerwca").

The meaning of the text is the following:

I hereby certify under oath that to the inhabitants of the town of Narewka (in the county of Prużany, in the land of Grodno) Wolf Isbucki and his wife Szeine Leia [a son] was born (in Narewka) on 20 June 1916, who was named Chaim.
Narewka, 30 June, 1920
Rabbi Szl. M. Barilkowski"

Prużany is now Пружаны (Pruzhany) in Belarus.
Grodno is now Гродно (Grodno or Hrodna) in Belarus.
Narewka is still in Poland (assuming that the Narewka in question was the one near Hajnówka)
7/15/2013 6:02 PM I performed some additional search and now I am quite sure that Narewka mentioned in the certificate is the Narewka near Hajnówka in today's Poland.

I found a brief history of Volunteer Fire Brigade in Narewka (in Polish) on one of the websites (unfortunately, the link does not seem to work anymore) where Chaim Izbucki was mentioned as the founder of the fire brigade (after a fire destroyed a house belonging to him, probably in late 1920s).

However, most probably it is not the same person as Chaim Izbucki born in 1916. Nonetheless, it is some association between Izbucki family and Narewka near Hajnowka.

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