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Submitted by Moshe Felber

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Category: Do you recognize?
Approval Date: 6/30/2013 5:01 PM
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Hi Genners
I wonder if any one can recognise the the Rabbi (?) whose photo found its way to a London cousin's desk many years ago. We have no iformation as to who or from where he might be and would be much obliged should any one give us a clue.
Moshe Felber

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7/1/2013 4:19 PM The type of fur hat may provide some clues as to where he was from.
7/1/2013 6:43 PM Hello Moshe,

This looks like a portrait of a very devout Orthodox Jew, perhaps one who is Chasidic. He is wearing a "shtriemel", which is usually worn by married men and usually on the Sabbath (and some other special occasions).

Two suggestions for you.....(1) You might want to look through Google for information search or images to see what you can find. (2) If you have a Chabad center near you, you might take the photo to them for identification or communicate with them by e-mail. If he is a rabbi of note, they would certainly recognize him. If not, they could probably try to give you some help with finding an answer.

Hope that this will be helpful to you....Jo
7/1/2013 7:46 PM it looks to be a reproduction of an oil painting, of the kind used in fund raising.

you might find it using google images, by searching for "rabbi portrait".
7/2/2013 1:58 AM There's an artist's signature in the upper left. The artist's biography/ list of known works may also be a way to identify the subject.
7/2/2013 3:36 AM It appears to be a work by Ulrich Eichinger, 19th/20th century Austrian artist. It may not portray a specific individual.
7/2/2013 6:07 AM The Artist is Otto Eichinger b. 1922-2004 (Austrian).Born in Vienna. He studied at the Academy of Arts in Vienna & Munich specializing in portraiture.He is best known for his portrait heads. Another representation of a rabbi (same one?) he painted can be seen at, (property of a European collector & sold at Sotheby's New York in 2004. See also other paintings of his of Rabbi with fur hat
Many of his well known works are similar subjects of Rabbis such as:"Portrait of a Rabbi Reading","Rabbi Reading" & "A Jew Praying"etc.
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