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Submitted by Marcia E Katzel DeVries

Information Picture Question
Category: Translation - Yiddish
Approval Date: 6/23/2013 4:16 PM
Family Surname:
Country: Israel
Date of Image: 1947
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This may be Hebrew. Would like a full translation of this postcard that has a photo on the back. The card was never mailed.

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On  Response 
6/24/2013 12:47 AM This is Hebrew:
On the right: For memory to our uncle Nathan and his wife.
(Hebrew and Christian date)
Circumcission ceremony of our grandson Arie-Lev (son of Chaya and Yehezkel) in Averbuch clinic in Ramat Gan
On the left:
Dear uncle Nathan!
Please accept this photo for memory from the party in Ramat Gan for our family, friends and guests after the circumcission ceremony of our grandson.
Tel Aviv 19 of Kislev
Day of the UN resolution of establishing Israel.
6/25/2013 1:59 AM acually, it says that this is in the forth day after the resolution in the UN...
6/25/2013 4:18 AM Right-hand side:

Line 1: To remember by, for our uncle Nathan Gorodzer
L2: and his wife
L3: 26th Tammuz 5707
L4: Gregorian date
L5 & 6: The day when our grandson, little Arieh (the text uses the Jewish diminutive "Arieh-le" which was mistakenly interpreted as "Arieh-Lev" by the 1st responder) joined the Covenant of Our Father Abraham (meaning the date on which he was circumcised)
L7: (son of Khaya and Yekhezkel)
L8: at Dr. Orbach's clinic in Ramat Gan.

Left-hand side:

Line 1: To our dear uncle Nathan,
L2: Please receive, to remember by, the
L3: picture of the party in Ramat Gan
L4: given to our family,
L5: guests, and friends
L6: after the ceremony in which
L7: our grandson joined the Covenant of Our Father Abraham (this is given in an acronym)
L8: Tel Aviv, 19 of Kislev
L9: Fourth day after the UN resolution
L10: to establish a Hebrew state
L11: Gregorian date

Hope this has helped you some more.

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