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ViewMate Posting VM 27328

Submitted by Aron Segal

Information Picture Question
Category: Do you recognize?
Approval Date: 5/19/2013 4:03 PM
Family Surname: SEGAL
Country: Lithuania
Town: Panevezys
Date of Image: 1927
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I have posted in ViewMate a photograph of the 1927 graduating class of the Panevezys Hebrew Gymnasia. My father Zvi(Hirsh/Girsh) SEGAL is in the 2nd row, far right.

He was born in Zagare in 1909, went to the Zagare Folk School, continued his education in Paneveszys and left for Melbourne, Australia in 1929.

His lifelong friend, Shmuel (Mula) GOLDSTEIN, (right end of 2nd row from the bottom), also ended up in Melbourne in the mid-1930s.

Perhaps someone can recognise a relative in this photograph.

Any feedback will be very much appreciated.


Aron Segal

Melbourne Australia

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On  Response 
5/15/2013 11:10 PM Hello! Sholem Aleykhem!

I have access to the amazing Khasye Segal from Ponevezsh, nee Tshernis (may be spelled "Chernis"), and she's about 100, and she knows many of the people in this photo.

A friend of mine, who's every knowledgeable this cultural history, wrote:

Khasye would CERTAINLY be interested! It's an early graduating class photo, and I bet she'd be able to tell us the life stories of at least half the people. Among the photos is that of the teacher Zelik Kalmanovitsh, whom Khasye's father brought to Pon. to teach there. ZK was actually a Yiddish linguist primarily, but ended up teaching Hebrew at her school. It's a photo the YIVO should be aware of, too, in case they're not already.

First, this is too low-resolution a scan. Do you have access to the original still, and/or do you have a much higher resolution scan? Surely the original has legible names. That detail is lost at this low resolution.

Can you get a higher resolution scan to me? Then, how do we get his to her? She's in FL, and doesn't use a computer. I'm not there, and someone would have to sit with her with an iPad or something blowing up and magnifying objects. More likely: we could make a high-quality print. I think for about $20-40 you could get a high-quality scan, if you don't have one already. I think I or you could then print this at high quality for another $20-40, and ship it to her. Then, you could arrange a phone call with her to go over it. Instead of having her write up information, which is labor intensive, and her eyes are not all tha great these days, much easier all around to do it by phone, and record the conversation. Then you write up what you want.

I'd be willing to volunteer some time, and I would also be willing to arrange and record a phone conversation about this, which I could send you as a sound file (e.g., an MP3 file).

By the way, I run a Yiddish radio show. She is one of the hosts, and I'm her producer. She speaks excellent Yiddish, Hebrew, and English, roughly in that order. My wife is on the Litvak sig, though her area is mostly elsewhere, but she showed me this as being of interest specifically with regards to Khasye.

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