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Submitted by Marie Lubman

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Category: Tombstone
Approval Date: 4/21/2013 4:36 PM
Family Surname: Gutterman
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Can someone translate the Hebrew (or is it Yiddish) language on both Aaron and Rebecca's stone?

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4/21/2013 4:46 PM Our dear mother, Mrs.
Beilah Chaya, daughter of Mr. Shlema Yosef
Died on the 20th of Av, 5690

Our dear father, Mr.
Aharon, son of Mr. Yechiel Yosef,
Died on the 16th of Second Adar, 5698

(in Jewish leap years, a second month of Adar is added to the calendar)
4/22/2013 5:04 PM Hello Marie,

On the right side: "Our dear mother Mrs. Beila/Bayla Bat/(daughter of) Shlomo Yosef died on the 20th day of the Hebrew month of Av", followed by the Hebrew Year.

On the left side: "Here lies our dear father, our teacher and rabbi, Aharon Ben/(son of) Reb Yechiel Yosef who died during the Hebrew month of Adar II.

Some clarifications for you. The word "Reb" preceding the name of the father is a title of honor and respect, but it does not necessarily imply that the father was a rabbi. (This would usually be stated in a different way.)

As was stated by the previous person, some people use Mr. to translate the word "Reb", showing respect in that way. Please note that both of the fathers had double given names, and there are NO surnames mentioned in Hebrew....Jo

4/22/2013 5:08 PM Hello Marie,

The name I wrote as Shlomo is probably Shleyma or Schloime, which are more than likely related to Shlomo....Jo
4/23/2013 8:40 AM Beyle Chaya's father is Shelomo - written exactly as it appears in Hebrew in the Bible. Whether they pronounced it Shleyme or Shloyme in Yiddish is a another question - but what is written is the Hebrew Shelomo - aka Solomon, he who was the king and considered the wisest of all. In Modern Hebrew the name written like that is pronounced Shlomo.
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