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Submitted by Barbara E Fox

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Category: Translation - Polish
Approval Date: 4/21/2013 4:34 PM
Family Surname: Imber
Town: Zbarazh
Date of Image: 1882
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I am seeking a direct translation of a portion of my grandmother's birth record. I put an asterisk next to the columns I need help with. The first column says "Mendel Imber" but I cannot understand his occupation and then it says "in Zbarazh. The second column says "Ruchel Waltuch". I need help with her occupation and the rest of the words which include her parents Aba and Henie Waltuch of Zbarazh - but there are other words in there. The last column is "Remarks" and I would love to know what it says about Mendel Imber in that column. Thank you so much!

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On  Response 
4/22/2013 1:24 AM Occupation is "krawiec" - tailor
4/22/2013 2:03 AM 1) Mendel Imber lediger Standes (unmarried) Krämer (innkeeper)in Zbarac
2) Rachel Waltuch lediger Standes (unmarried) Krämerin (innkeeper)in Zbarac
Tochter des Aba u. der Hemie Waltuch Schänker in Zbarac
(daughter of ...; Schänker is more like bartender than innkeeper)
3) Mendel Imber bekannt sich zur Vaterschaft des Kindes (M.I. recognizes himself as the child's father) + signatures of Mendel and Joseph
4/22/2013 3:28 PM I'll take that line again...
Checking with the list in Edward Luft's "The naturalized Jews of the Grand Duchy of Posen", Schänker is inteed bartender but Krämer (m) / Krämerin (f) is shopkeeper. Innkeeper is Gastwirth. Sorry for trusting my memory rather than reaching for the book...
4/22/2013 11:05 PM I read as follows:
- "Mendel Imber, ledigen Standes, Krämer in Zbaraz" (M.I., unmarried/single, shopkeeper/owner of a grocery shop/micro-merchant);
- "Ruchel Waltuch, ledigen Standes, Krämerin in Zbaraz" (R.W., unmarried/single, shopkeeper ["-in" in "KrämerIN" marks the female gender], "Tochter des Aba u. der Hanie Waltuch, früher in Zbaraz" (daughter of Aba & Hanie Waltuch, who formerly lived in Zbaraz too).
Probably the witnesses were "Josef Waltuch" and "Chaje Fryme[t] Scharf"

Kind regards, Alex. FRANZ (Mainz/Germany)
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