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ViewMate Posting VM 26910

Submitted by Werner S Hirsch

Information Picture Question
Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 4/10/2013 4:37 PM
Family Surname: Zumder
Country: USA
Town: New Haven - Waterbury, CT
Date of Image: 1898
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Translation please. The initial letters of each line spell the name "SOPHIE," Maier ZUNDER's daughter. She was married to Isadore CHASE. Here's my line-by-line (incomplete) reading and translation (probably wrong):

So bringe ich dies meine Glückwünsche dass
So I bring this, my best wishes, that
O Mögenst du leben noch so manches Jahr
you may live for many years
Probier ____ und sei immer (?) ________ ________
Try ____ and always be _____ ______
Hielt sie(?) recht wie eine Zunder
Hold it correctly, like a tinder
In dem Heim seinen (sei eine?) Mutters Chase
In the home of his mother’s Chase
Es wird dich dann bewahren vor allem bös
it will then protect you from all bad things (anger?)
Ihre Vater
Your father,
M Zunder

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On  Response 
4/10/2013 8:10 PM
So bringe ich Dir meine Glückwünsche dass
O mögest Du leben noch so manches Jahr
Probiere nur und sei immer munter
Halt so recht wie ein Zunder
In Dein Heim sei eine Mutter Chase
Es wird Dich dann bewahren vor allem Bös
Dein Vater
M Zunder
So I bring you my best wishes that
O may you still live so many years
Just try and always be happy
Keep upright like a Zunder
In your home be a mother Chase
Then this will protect you from all anger
Your father M Zunder
4/11/2013 2:31 PM So I bring you my good wishes.
O may you live for many a year
Try always to be cheerful.
Keep upright like a flame.
In your home be a firm [strose] mother.
Then it will keep you from all evil.

He has made the lines rhyme roughly, and the first letters of the lines spell out the name SOPHIE.
4/12/2013 9:07 PM So I bring you my good wishes,
O may you live many a year.
Try to be always cheerful,
just rather like a ZUNDER.
In your home, CHASE shall be a mother,
This will protect you from all evil.
Your father

halt = just, you know
recht = rather
4/13/2013 6:51 AM My transcription of the last word of the penultimate line needs justification. The first letter is s not c, and then the first three letters are obviously str.
Strose isn't a word in my German vocabulary, but I found it in an excellent 1889 German-English dictionary, meaning strict or firm. It's obviously now obsolete, and was chosen mainly for rhyme's sake, but it does make sense of an otherwise obscure line.

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