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Submitted by Elizabeth Handler

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Category: Tombstone
Approval Date: 4/10/2013 4:36 PM
Family Surname: Handler
Country: USA
Date of Image: April 2013
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Joseph Handler is buried in Ahavas Zedek Cemetery in Akron, Ohio, (also known as Hungarian Jewish Cemetery, Sand Hill Cemetery). I have found his father named in records as Aaron or Adolf.

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4/11/2013 3:03 AM Hello Elizabeth,

The translation of the tombstone is as follows:

Here lies our dear and respected father Reb Josef Ben/(son of) Reb Aharon, Z"L. He died on the 19th day of the Hebrew month of Kislev (and the Hebrew year). May his soul be bound up in the bonds of eternal life".

A couple of explanations....The word "Reb" is a title of honor and respect, however it does NOT imply rabbi. The use of "Z"L" is the Hebrew abbreviation for one who has predeceased or is of recent memory. It clarifies that Joseph's father Aharon had predeceased him. The Hebrew name Aharon translates to Aaron, and the father could have been named Adolph in Hungary (with a Hebrew name of Aharon).

Hope that this is the information that you need....Jo
4/13/2013 6:53 PM Date is 19 Kislev, 5708 = December 2, 1947
4/14/2013 1:54 AM Hello Elizabeth,

Per this tombstone, Yosef/Joseph was the son of Aharon/Aaron. The Z'L after Aharon/Aaron's name indicates that he predeceased his son. According to the calendar dates, Joseph died in 1947.

If this information does not coincide with your records, contacting the cemetery might be a good idea.

There can be a couple of possibilities to bring to your attention. 1) There could have been an error in the inscription on this tombstone. 2) Sometimes cousins with the same name can be buried in the same cemtery and in close proximity....this can cause some confusion with dates, etc.


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