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Submitted by Judith Lipmanson

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Category: Translation - Tombstone
Approval Date: 3/13/2013 4:15 PM
Family Surname:
Country: Germany
Town: Karlsruhe
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I would appreciate a word-by-word translation of the Hebrew inscriptions only.


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3/13/2013 11:56 PM Hello Judith,

I believe that the translation of the Hebrew part of the tombstone is as follows:

"Here lies Moshe Alikum Ben/(son of) Uri Israel."

The German part: "Here lies our beloved son, Gustav Liepmannsohn". (Here I assume that this is a surname.)
Born: August 12, 1888. Died: November 21, 1924.

Final Hebrew line: "If I forget thee Jerusalem, my right hand forget".

Hope that this is helpful....Jo
3/15/2013 1:46 AM Elyakum, not " Alikum".

The last two lines are a quote from Psalm 137.

Incidentally, I have been to the cemetery in Karlsruhe, where the famous Rabbi Nesanel Weil, author of Korban Nesanel, is buried.
3/15/2013 7:59 AM I do not recall ever seeing that verse on a gravestone (and it doesn't really fit the circumstance). Given the relative young age of the deceased and the year of death, my hunch is that the young man was an ardent Zionist.
2/3/2015 1:27 AM One small addition: The line above the -s- in "Liepmannsohn" indicates that it is spelt with a double-s: "Liepmannssohn" in the German-Jewish context.
2/4/2015 1:04 AM Hello Judith,

very nice to hear from a descendant of the Liepmannssohn family of Karlsruhe. Karlsruhe has its 300th anniversary this year. Virtually from the beginning (certainly as from 1720), Jews have lived in this city.

Last year, I gave a number of books printed and published by (I think: Julius) Liepmannssohn to our local municipal archives.
My background is that I'm a volunteer co-worker in the Karlsruhe Memorial Book (Gedenkbuch).

One title I have never been able even to look at in the original:
Nathan Stein-Schrift : Arbeiten von Rabbinern Badens / hrsg. von H. Schiff. Karlsruhe : Liepmannssohn, 1938
It only occurs in a photocopy or as a scan. Do you happen to know why?

Best wishes,

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