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Submitted by Gary J Lelonek

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Category: Translation - Yiddish
Approval Date: 5/1/2013 4:20 PM
Family Surname: Hutnik Lelonek
Country: Germany
Town: Lampertheim
Date of Image: 4/13/1948
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This a letter that Yitzchak Meyer Lelonek, my ggf, wrote in APril 13, 1948 from the Lampertheim DP camp in Germany to the Sierpc Relief Committee in NY. This is page 1. An exact translation would be appreciated.
thank you.

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On  Response 
5/5/2013 2:17 AM Hi Gary, unfortunately the right margin of the letter is cropped...
I think, the Yiddish is:

liber fraynt Maks Tsine dayn paket vos du host geshikt hobe ikh haynt rikhtek derhalten und ikh danke dir fihl mohl far vos shrabyst du mir zo veynik ikh vele fin aykh heren alles xte(cropped) bay mir izt alles bayn allten mir komen der(?)vayle gor nikht vayter mir volten shoyn gevust xxx(cropped) oyf eyn ort nor leyder es komt zehr shverxxx alles in mir musen varten biz mir zolen(ge?) holfen vern dos mir zollen shoyn hoben eyn heym xxx keyn vikhtiges mir grisen dikh mit dayn fro(und?) di gantse famile

In English:

Dear friend Maks Tsine, today, I received the parcel, which you sent me, correctly, and I thank you very much. Why are you writing me so little? I’d like to know everything xxx(cropped). On my place, everything is as always, meanwhile, we didn’t get on, we would have known, xxx(cropped) to a place, but, unfortunately, everything is difficult to come in (?) xxx(cropped) everything. We have to wait, until we will be helped to get a home. There’s no other important news. We are greeting you with your wife and the whole family
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