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Submitted by Joe Gerber Glass

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Category: Tombstone
Approval Date: 3/3/2013 4:14 PM
Family Surname: Berlin
Country: USA
Town: Baltimore
Date of Image: feb 23, 2013
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Seeking a translation into english of the engraving on this stone. Thanks to whom ever chooses to help.


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On  Response 
2/24/2013 5:26 PM Here lies
An important and envy woman
Freida Sara
Daughter of the late Rabbi Yakov
Died 18 Tishrei 5789
May be her soul be bound in the bond of eternal life.
2/24/2013 5:43 PM Here lies an important and modest woman
Frieda Sarah daughter of Yakov of blessed memory
Died 18 Tishri 5689

May her soul be bnound up in the bond of (everlasting) life
2/24/2013 6:24 PM Hello Joe,

The translation of the words that describe Frieda Berlin are "important and modest". It is a very nice compliment paid to her.....Jo
2/25/2013 1:56 AM A modest and important woman, Mrs. Frieda Sarah daughter of Yakov, of blessed memory, died on 18 Tishrei 5689
2/25/2013 4:00 AM No Rabbi Yaakov mentioned, just the usual abbreviation for "Mr. Yaakov".
2/25/2013 4:17 AM Roughly translates "Woman of modesty and repentance,married Freida Sara daughter of Reb Jacob ( Yaakov ) of blessed memory, died on the 18th of Tishrei, in the year 5689.

The 5 hebrew letters above her name is an abbreviation for a verse in the bible" May his soul be bound up in the bond of eternal life"
2/25/2013 5:15 AM Here is buried
A woman, modest and import
Mrs. Freida Sarah
Daughter of Mr. Yaakov of blessed memory
Who died 18 Tishrei 5689
May her soul be bound up in the bundle of life.
Frieda Berlin
Died Oct. 2, 1928
2/25/2013 8:02 AM "Tsnuah" means modest, not "envy" or "repentance." It is not helpful when people who don't know elementary Hebrew submit their "translations."
2/25/2013 10:08 AM It is correct to say a "modest and important woman". I only want to add that Rabbanit Sarah z"l died on Tuesday during the Festival of Sukkot. The title is warranted being the daughter of a pious man, R. Yaakov.
2/25/2013 7:18 PM Hello Joe,

People have provided you with a lot of information and translations. This is being added as a clarification.

Freida Berlin's Hebrew name was Mrs. Freyda Sora Bas/(daughter of) Reb Yaakov, of blessed memory. The word "Reb" preceeding her father's name is used as an honorific title before his given name of Yaakov. It does NOT imply rabbi. Some people translate "Reb" as "Mr.", however there is NO surname mentioned for him in Hebrew, and you should be aware of that.

After her father's name, there are two Hebrew letters I will express as Z"L. In Hebrew the two letters are "Zion" and "Lamed". This designation states that the person spoken about is pre-deceased, and its translation is expressed in several ways, among which is "of blessed memory". In this case, the father had died prior to the death of his daughter. Using this phrase is a custom that occurs often in older and more observant traditions.

Hope that this helps sort this particular section out for you in a more comprehensive way....Jo
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