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Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 2/13/2013 4:20 PM
Family Surname: Feldmann
Country: Austria
Town: Vienna
Date of Image: 1881/ 1914
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I'd be extremely grateful for an English translation (in as much detail as possible) of this extract about Adolf Feldmann from the vital registers of the IKG in Vienna. I am particularly interested in the info in the second column if you can read it, details of addresses, occupations and the witnesses.

Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.

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On  Response 
2/16/2013 9:02 AM 10
21. Juni 1914
Wien V Siebenbrunn[en]g[asse]. 1.

Aufg[ebot] Wien V. Bez. am 6., 13. u. 20./VI. 1914
1.) Gebz. Wien 24./IV. 1895
2.) Heimatsch[ein] Boleso 10./6. 1914
3.) Militärpass Trencsén 21./12. 1905
4.) Wohnungsz. Wien XVI, Bez. v. 13./V. 1914
5.) Gebz. Ung.-O[s]tra 13./7. 1893
6.) Heimatsch. Hluku 18./V. 1914
7) Wohnungsz. Wien XIV. Bez. v. 12./V. 1914
8.) Ehekonsenz König. ung. Minist. Budapest 6./II. 1914.

Adolf Feldmann
geb. in Wien
zust[ändig] nach Boleso
(lom[?]. Trencsén, Ungarn)

26. März 1881


Wien XVI. Wilhelminenstr. 85

Vater: Alexander Feldmann
Mutter: Johanna geborene: Kohn

Irene Nowak
geb. in Napagedl
zust. nach Hluku
(Bez. Hradisch, Mähren)

4. März 1879


Wien XIV Meis[e]lstr.

Vater: Philipp Nowak
Mutter: Amalie geborene: Stern

Bräutigam: Adolf Feldmann
Braut: Irene Nowak
1. Beistand: Moritz Feldmann
wohhaft: Lassee N[ieder] Ö[sterreich]
2. Beistand: Sigmund Flesch[er]
wohnhaft: Wien XV 1 Akkonplatz

[Entry number] 10
21 June 1914
Vienne fifth [borough], 1 Siebenbrunnengasse.

[The banns were published in] Vienna, fifth [borough, on] June 6, 13 and 20, 1914

[The following documents were presented]:
1.) Birth certificate [issued in] Vienna [on] 24 Apr 1895
2.) Heimatschein [issued in] Boleso [on] 10 June 1914
3.) Military pass [issued in] Trencsén [on] 21 Dec. 1905
4.) Residence certificate [issued in] Vienna, 16th [borough, on] 13 May 1914
5.) Birth certificate [issued in] Ungarisch-Ostra a [on] 13 July 1893
6.) Heimatschein [issued in] Hluk [on] 18 May 1914
7) Residence certificate [issued in] Wien XIV. Bez. [on] 12 May 1914
8.) Marriage license [issued by the] Royal Hungarian Ministry [in] Budapest [on] 6. Febr. 1914.

Adolf Feldmann
Spa Inspektor
born in Vienna
zuständig in Boleso
(Trencsén Region, Hungary)

[Date of birth:] 26 March 1881


[residence:] 85 Wilhelminenstrasse, Vienna, 16th [borough]

Father: Alexander Feldmann
Mother: Johanna nee Kohn

Irene Nowak
born in Napagedl (Moravia)
zuständig Hluk (Uherské Hradiště District, Moravia)

[Date of birth:] 4 March 1879


[residence:] Vienna, 14th [borough], Meiselstrasse

Father: Philipp Nowak
Mother: Amalie geborene: Stern

Groom: Adolf Feldmann
Bride: Irene Nowak
1st witness: Moritz Feldmann
residence: Lassee, Lower Austria
2nd witness: Sigmund Flescher
residence: Vienna 15th [borough] 1 Akkonplatz

"Heimatschein" is a certificate stating the place where a citizen is "zuständig". This is the municipality (not necessarily the birth place) that provides the citizen with certain rights. Search the JewishGen Discussion Group SigLists for the word "zustandig" for details.

The stamp was added during the Nazi era when Jews were forced to adopt the middle name "Israel" or "Sara".

Bolešov (Hungarian: Bolesó) is a village and municipality in Ilava District in the Trenčín Region of north-western Slovakia. Coordinates: 48°59′N 18°09′E. (Slovakia was part of Hungary until 1919.)

Napajedla (German: Napajedl or Napagedl) is a town in the Zlín Region, Czech Republic. Coordinates: 49°10′20″N 17°31′3″E

Uherský Ostroh (German: Ungarisch-Ostra) is a town in the Uherské Hradiště District, Zlín Region, Czech Republic, located about 11 km southwest of Uherské Hradiště. Coordinates: 48°59′15″N 17°22′54″E

Hluk is a town in Uherské Hradiště District in Zlín Region of the Czech Republic. Coordinates: 48°59′10″N 17°31′32″E

Lassee, Gänserndorf District, Lower Austria, Austria, ca. 40 km east of Vienna. Coordinates: 48°13′N 16°49′E
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