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Submitted by Diane S Jacobs

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Category: Translation - Hungarian
Approval Date: 1/23/2013 4:36 PM
Family Surname: Biro, Bleuer
Country: Hungary
Town: unknown
Date of Image: unknown
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A now-deceased relative filed these letters, which I believe make a claim for another relative who died earlier, probably in the Holocaust. I'd like to have a general sense of what the letter says, including the towns identified and any other people identified.

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1/24/2013 2:25 AM Hello Diane,

Some partial information for you:

1) Address on upper left: Dr. Ferenc Biach, Attorney
8 Zoltan Street
Budapest, District V (5), Hungary

2) Addressed to on center top:
Mrs. Erno Biro (wife of Dr. Erno Biro)
37 Bamjanich Street
Budapest, District VII (7), Hungary

3) Mr. Mor Bleyer's legacy/bequest.

4) utodai ceg = successor company. This refers to
the firm of Ignac Schneider.

I know that it is just bits and pieces, but perhaps there is some helpful information for you....Jo

1/24/2013 7:09 PM Hello Diane,

There are two figures mentioned, which are denominations of the currency at that time. They are 240,000 forint and 360,000 forint. I am not sure about this, but perhaps the first figure grew to the larger amount in the second. It is either one amount or the other, but NOT both.

In addition to this, it appears that there might have been a plot of land adjacent to the Southern Budapest Railway. Perhaps Budafok was a town or stop along the route, and he may have had a percentage of an investment, either 1/2 or 1/4. In the last paragraph, there is mention of 5/9, however I have no idea to what that refers.

If this is still important to you now, you might want to follow through on legal records in Hungary, see if those firm names still exist in Budapest, or obtain the services of a person proficient in legal Hungarian.

I would like to translate this fully, but I do not have command of the legal vocabulary to do so....Jo
1/26/2013 11:09 PM Dr. Frank Biach, lawyer, writes to Mrs. Dr. Ernest Biro concerning the outcome of his negotiations with the "Descendants of Ignatius Schneider" company on the matter of the estate of the late Mr. Mór Bleyer.
Instead of the originally designated sum of 240,000 forints, the Schneider company agrees to pay 360,000 forints. In addition, the heirs inherit in full the plot of land by the Budapest south railroad, the 1/2 part of the Budapest Budafoki road house that's in Mr. Bleyer's name, as well as the 1/4 part that's in Mr. Bleyer's name of the real property in Kiskunhalas. The Schneider company concedes all rights and interests, current or future, in the estate to the heirs, but asks for installment payment terms for the agreed sum. Mr. Biach asks that Mrs. Biro convey her opinion on the matter in person or in writing as soon as possible, and indicates that if no answer is received by Sep. 27, 1947, he will assume that she agrees with the majority opinion of the other 5/9 heirs that he represents.
1/26/2013 11:14 PM Oh, and the address is Damjanich Street -- it looks like a B because he mis-typed an F (right next to the D on the keyboard), then went back and typed a D over it a couple of times.
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