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Submitted by Richard Glaser

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Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 2/6/2013 7:40 PM
Family Surname: Glaser
Country: Czech Republic
Town: Hodonin
Date of Image: 9-3-40
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Another postcard from my father's gf and uncles in Hodonin. I would appreciate a transcription and a translation. Thanks

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On  Response 
2/9/2013 2:45 AM here is my attempt at this;-
1) I can't read the postcard, but the second message is easier;-
Dear Kurti? We have received your dear card of 5th April with great joy, and ?(perhaps wrote or answered)your last card.We hope that you have ? finished with the exams.
We are all well and hope and wish everything good for you.Your dear mother ??and all other love.
Sadly we are already for a long time without news from your ? (perhaps brother) ? and Martha.Please write this and tell them this.Write once more ( perhaps in the month?),as you can see your card was 5 months on the way.
Stay well and write soon. greetings and hearty kisses , uncle Fritz,??Erich( can't read all the names -sorry)
2/9/2013 11:35 AM Bernh. Glaser
Protekt. Mähren
Švehloví 52

Lieber Kurti!

Ich grüße und Küße
Dich Dein Großvater.
Bitte dich l. Kurti schreibe
der l. Mutter u. dem l. Heinzl
daß Sie uns schreiben sollen
Du hast uns seinerzeit ge-
schrieben. daß Du Dein Bild
und vom l. Heinzl senden
wirst daher sende selbe.

Liebster Kurti! Deine l. Karte von 5.
April l. J. haben wir mit grosser Freude erhalten
und schrieben wir Dir auch auf Deine letzte Karte
wir hoffen, daß Du bereits die Prüfungen abge-
legt hast wir alle sind gesund und hoffen
und wünschen Dir alles Gute, ebenso Deiner l.
Mutter und Heinzi und allen anderen Lieben.
Leider sind wir schon sehr lange ohne Nachricht
von der l. Mutter, Heinzl und Martha. Bitte ihnen
das zu schreiben. Schreibe doch einmal im
Monat, denn Du siehst, Deine Karte ist 5 Monate
unterwegs gewesen. Bleibe gesund und schreibe
bald. Grüsse + Küssen Dich herzlichst Onkel Fritz, Simon
Hedy, Erich

Bernh. Glaser
Protectorate Mähren
Švehloví 52

Dear Kurti!
I greet and kiss you, your grandfather.
Please, dear Kurti, write to dear Mother and dear Heinzl that they should write us. At the time you wrote us that you would send us a picture of you and of dear Heizl, so go ahead and send it.

Hodonin, 3 September 1940
Dear Kurti, we have received your dear card of 5th April of last year with great joy, and we have answered your last card. We hope that you are finished with the exams.
We are all well and hope and wish all the best for you, as well as for your dear mother and Heinzi and all the other loved ones.
Sadly, we have been for a long time without any news from your dear mother and Martha. Please write them and tell them this. Write once a month, as you can see that it took five months for your card to arrive.
Stay well and write soon. Greetings and heartfelt kisses, uncle Fritz, Simon, Hedy, Erich.

I based my translation of the second part to that of the previous responder.
The date is written in European style day-month-year.
Heinzi and Heinzl are both pet names for Heinz, so it is the same person.
The 5h of April of last year for the card is inconsistent with the 5 months mentioned later, so this is probalby a mistake and it should read "this year".
2/9/2013 11:52 AM My mistake: "l. J." is the abbreviation of "laufenden Jahres" = of the corrent year, so the card was sent in April 1940 and arrived in September.
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